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Originally Posted by Maruno View Post
The big challenge will be to make the computer "look ahead" and make plans. It's not so bad if you just want it to react to what's there right now. As for actual strategies, that's way out there.

If possible, I'd like to not have the AI do things in an ordered manner (i.e. always play Pokémon first and always play trainers last). However, that would be complicated.
"look ahead" plans are things which I don't plan on adding immediately but I do have ideas for. I can make simple algorithms quickly by using a series of checks on some obvious info then the minor info lastly, afterwards we determine what is best to put out (if we can place anything) and then do so.

So the ordered manner will not be looked at, also if needed I will add a custom Pseudo-Random algorithm to determine if something really needs the random attribute (I won't use 'rand' as it can be very un-predicting if you want smooth layouts.)

Also, strategies can be pre-determined as of trying to follow along the lines of a generated strategy made after the AI draws the cards and recalculating small portions of it per visible action (unless by chance the AI draws the desired card it wants)
Oh yes, I am reading a long pdf on the rules, I should be done soon but memorizing it all will take a few hours more, and finally playout strategies will take a few days or so. Afterwards all that has been finished I will startup on the AI system. (I am looking in about a week)
Originally Posted by Maruno View Post
Maybe this is how Skynet will begin...
If I remember right, Terminator? I'm not THAT experienced with AIs