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    [Each Chapter will have its own post to avoid confusion and to easily separate the mass of words.]

    Chapter 2: Your Move

    Kismet stretched her legs and sat on the green grass in front of the lab waiting for Daniel to emerge with his newly acquired Pokemon. She was so excited to see it. Electrike spun in a circle before cuddling next to her waist, liesurly panting as the time passed. Kismet sighed.

    "Wow, I guess this is it?" she said aloud. Her overprotective mother had harbored her for 5 years forcing her to go to the trainer's academy before starting her journey. But she digressed. At least she didn't have Daniel's mother who made him wait for 8 years past his 10th. However somehow, she was sort of glad he stayed behind. They could help eachother on thier long road ahead.

    Just then, the mechanical sliding doors of the lab opened up and Daniel walked towards her. His head was held up high and what she assumed was a Pokemon floated from behind him to settle at his side. She flipped out her Pokedex but it was quickly shut by Daniel.

    "It's a Baltoy Kizzy. You never seen one?" She shook her head. "Well, they are native to Hoenn and are mostly found in ruins and ancient caverns but recently they have been popping up all over the place. Oak said it may have something to do with all the traveling trainers releasing thier Pokemon."

    "Oh wow." She bent down to touch it but it slowly moved backwards.

    "Oh don't mind Thoth. Looks like he is a bit shy around the ladies." He winked at Kismet who tried not to blush. Thoth hummed as he floated.

    "Thoth huh? What a cute name." She giggled. Daniel raised an eyebrow but didn't say a word. The two knew what to do next and Kismet rose up promptly to start thier journey. As they traveled through to town to Route 1, neighbors sometimes came out of thier houses to wish them goodbye. It was a small town so it was always a tearful day when someone left on thier journey. Electrike happily trotted next to Kismet's side only ever straying to chase after the occassional Pidgey or Ratatta which always got away. Baltoy on the otherhand remained silent as it floated next to its trainer, carefully surveying its surroundings as if anything could happen at any time. Within a few minutes, they were at the entrance of Route 1, one of the only two ways out of the town. It was shouded by large pine trees making a singular winding path that disappeared into the foothills. A rustling in a nearby patch of tall grass startled the lot of them.

    Out stumbled a...guy. He was much older than the other two and appeared to have cuts and scrapes on him. He got back off and promptly brushed himself off before steering his eyes towards the two trainers. Without a word, quickly assumed a battle position, his eyes a dark red.

    "Whoa whoa whoa! We just got our Pokemon. Ummm, don't need to battle guy?" Daniel shouted. Something about this guy looked really familiar but he couldn't put his finger on it. The man didn't seem to care about Daniel's statement and unhilted a Pokeball from his belt. At the same time, a small yellow creature climbed up onto his shoulder.

    "Pika?" Daniel's Baltoy assumed its own battle position. It seemed more lively than ever now. "Thoth, stop!" But it was too late. The opposer's Pokeball was already in midair. With a blinding flash and large and impressive form came into view. The light dwindled down allowing Daniel to get a closer look. He gasped.

    Its eyes glowed a fierce red as if lit entirely on the inside by a raging inferno. A steady stream of smoke eminated from its maw which was slightly agape showcasing an array of serrated teeth. The thing was massive, bigger than any Pokemon he had ever seen. It landed on the floor with a thud causing the ground to quiver benieth it. With a tremedous gust of wind only overpowered by the sound of its bellowing, it released a pair of tremendous crimson wings, blue on thier interior. Daniel quickly opened his pokedex, trembling.

    "Charizard: The Flame Pokemon. Indiginous to Kanto, they can be found in the hottest reaches of active volcanoes and craggy mountains. Though fearsome in nature, they never harm weaker opponents unless provoked or commanded. They are among the most powerful of all Fire-Types." Suddenly it clicked. Daniel knew who this guy was. The burning eyes, the red get-up and most of all, his unmistakable silence. His mouth barely moved but Kismet still heard it.

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