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    The older girl told him that they were heading towards mt. Coronet, in a rather dismissive manner, and that he could tag along. Ryan realized from her behavior that she was sort of reluctant to have a bunch of people following her around, but she seemed attached to the younger girl. They actually kind of reminded him of his mom and sister all of those years ago before his mom became corrupted and sold them into slavery in Johto.

    Ryan Checked his pouch, but saw that they were gone. "Crap" Ryan muttered under his breath. Hm... Maybe i could give them my ring...Ryan went to remove his ring, but realized it was gone. He just stared at his hand for a moment, wondering if he was hallucinating.

    "What the heck!" Ryan exclaimed, then shut up when he remembered there were other people around.

    Ryan shook his head and thought for a bit, and decided to give away one of his grenades, since he had nothing else.

    Casper asked " i dont want to look like an a-hole" Ryan replied. He pulled out the black grenade and walked towards the older girl with it, and waited for her to notice him.

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