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    Originally Posted by PokemonMasters View Post
    no, i meant the palette of the grass in oak woods doesnt match the trees. but the main trees fit very well with the grass
    I'll work on that, actually I'm currently inserting some new stuff to deal with that very problem!

    Progress Updates:

    I made a lot of progress the past couple weeks, even though I was a little tight on time. The testers who did test ended up getting back to me on Wednesday last week, and it took me some time to go on and fix the bugs. There are however some changes made to the game and some oddities that remain (I'll fix them for next time).

    The first little picture is the ladder, you can walk along the top of the ladder and it looks weird.

    The second is the old man's script doesn't work. It's a simple talking script, I have no idea why it' not working...for now just be aware of it (I didn't remove him because he's still cool).

    The third is that even if you smash the rock you can't get past the ledge (you gotta go around) that was intentional but some testers thought it was weird so there it is.

    The fourth screen shot is that the pallete of the cut tree doesn't fit in, that's because the weather is rainy.

    Fifth screen is that the mountains are a little blocky/not natural - I'm spriting new ones for the edges, currently on my to do list.

    Sixth screen is that most of the newly inserted doors don't have animations, also on my to do list.

    Lastly, the Scyther is purple...yeah working on that too.

    I know some of these bugs are not really bugs, but detail matters a great deal so they are getting worked on anyways.
    Bigger changes include the adoption system. Now you will be able to adopt one of the following: Goldeen, Abra and Doduo. All three of them are also obtainable starting at level 16 (up from 10). In respect to the upgrade, I've also made a couple of harder curves in the game where you won't be able to heal/buy items for a long time. The last change is that I boosted Delibird's base special attack (because he is quite useless and stupid, admit it).

    Another thing is that I purposely added certain mini-events that require you to talk to someone. For example, there is someone who gives out TM Rest, but will not unless you've talked to a little boy. There's more but that's for you to figure out :D

    Finally the last change is to the waterfall in Lava Mountain. Previously it used to just push the player back. Now it will push the player back when he/she is near it and will display a message and surprise reaction.

    Sprite Updates:

    I tried making a Fakemon but it started to look cliche, so I'm not going to use it anymore. Feel free to use it for your own reasons.


    Thank you to Pinkish Purple, Pokemonmasters and Cabe for beta testing.
    Special thanks to Cabe for taking the effort to make PDFs of bugs and ideas for Celestium. For the testers that didn't have time/couldn't do it - Don't worry about it, if you do decide to play please re-download the one in the thread or you'll have a buggy time.

    Beta linked at end of post. Approximate duration is 3.5 hours. Feel free to make a walkthrough anyone (thought it's not really hard to figure out what you need to do). BE SURE TO SAVE INSIDE A HOUSE AND REPORT ANY BUGS!

    For next beta:

    - Working Titlescreen
    - Door animations
    - New tiles for the mountain edges
    - Fix Ladders
    - Berry System (already done, but not in current beta)
    - New sprites for re-used ones (Player, Nasher and Loyd)
    - More Content! (obviously lol)

    Beta one:
    This is a .aps file. You will need HackMew's A-patch to patch it!