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    Your deck would work in effectively the same manner if you removed the Ho-Oh and replaced it with extra Dark Patch and a variety of other cards. However, a Ho-Oh EX tech seems like it would work fine as you do play a variety in your energy cards in addition to Energy Switch. I recommend removing all but one of the Ho-Oh EX and focus more on the Darkrai EX in the deck by adding the fourth Dark Patch and a supporter, as the supporter line seems unreliable. However, Ho-Oh without a way to remove it from play seems a bit difficult to use.

    I don't see the effectiveness of PlusPower in this deck. Tool Scrapper allows you to fight againsts Eviolited basic Pokemon better than PlusPower does, plus it helps against the theme of Garbodor and Fighting-based decks. Either way, you will not be able to knock out stage two attackers with this deck in one attack. I recommend replacing the PlusPower with two or three Tool Scrapper.

    I'd recommend adding more Max Potion in this deck, as the deck, with Energy Switch and Dark Patch, can keep attackers energized. Eviolite could be removed for the Max Potion or regular Potion. The odd energy ought to be either be Dark Energy or two Psychic, if you decide to have them be different, as you can potentially attack with Psydrive should the game allow it. Extra fighting energy or less Terrakion is also an option, depending on whether you have space or need space.
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