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I revised this episode. o3o

In Feb. 12, 2010, A numerous amount of chatter spreads around the cafeteria as 7th and 8th grade student dashed down the stairs to to retrieve their tasty and mouth watery delicious food.

As Bob walked out of the line full of ravenous packs of wolves trying to grab their selections while holding his tray, he then saw Derek, with him having a glum facial expression. He looked up and saw Bob remotely away from him at left half of the caferteria.

"Bob, I need to tell him!" He pleaded.

Derek quickly dashed to him, until he saw his tray with a bright red apple, a small brown milk carton, and a slice of warm, delicious pizza. Bob slowly approached to an empty table where there's no people to come and torment him. Derek slowly walked behind of Bob and lightly tapped his shoulder.

Bob turned around with a state of awareness. "Hey Derek, what do you want?"

"Bob, uh........" Droplets of sweat erupted out of his skin as he slowly starts to shake with feelings of anxiety, concerning Bob.

"Come on, spill it out." Bob pleaded.

"Bob, I'm going away for the day as I need to celebrate my younger cousin's birthday. So...... can you please take care of my pet snake? I know he doesn't like you, but please, can you watch over him while I'm gone?

Bob then placed his 2 fingers on his chin and began to think as he quickly taps the pavement with his black sneakers. "Ta ta ta ta ta ta" as the sound emits from the reaction.

(What should I do? I haven't even seen or kept in touch with that snake for a long time, and I'm scared if he tries to abuse me again, based off what I did when I first met him. I'll do it then, for a friend.)

"Fine, I'll do it, but I'll make sure your snake stays relaxed." he groaned.

Hours passed as Bob agreed to keep watch of the aggressive grass snake. He walked of Derek's house quietly and pinned the door with his golden key. He slowly walks as he looks at the glass cage. In there remains the grass snake in a sand filled society as he's coiled up, resting peacefully as there's no distractions to enrage him in his peaceful slumber.

Bob approached the door of his abode. He reached the right pocket of his pants and used the key to unlock the door. He pushes the door as he hears it slowly creak like a crow's cry. He slowly walked up the stairs and placed the cage on his drawer next to the TV. He forcibly tapped the clear blue glass of the cage, releasing the serpentine entity from his peaceful slumber.

The snake slowly opened the light yellow eyes, then he turned his head to Bob's face. The snake's face is in denial, as his eye dilates.

"Hey, you get to see your own buddy again." Bob happily said, with a smile full of longing for the snake.

The snake hissed with annoyance, wishing that he just get out of his life. Bob then turned on the TV, with a very high volume emitting out of it's speakers, then he walked to the bathroom.

Feeling irritated of these ear ripping distractions, the snake then continuously bashed the glass. The cage was shoved forcibly very slowly, then it dropped, releasing a huge pool of water, cuts of grass, sand, and quantities of feces everywhere.

When Bob ran out of the bathroom, he was in shock on what he's just seeing. He grabbed his heart very tight, breathing in and out anxiously.


"Sssssssss......... ssssssssss......."

He froze, hearing the faint whispers of hisses below him. He slowly put his head down with the feeling of being afraid, looking at the tamed snake with it's elongated wiggling extension of a tongue.

It leaped and pierced through Bob's hand. Bob's face is in awe, with his mouth agape as blood quickly seeps out very fast, fast as a water current. The snake forcibly pushed all of his digestive acids and all of his food into his large mouth. Bob's eyes shrunk to a grain of sand as the troubled snake blasts his chunky, acidic, disturbing blast.

Bob's face was shot by it with such great force as he slipped from the water and fell down, unable to get up as he struggles to get on his feet.

Later, as Derek returns from Six Flags, he quickly ran to Bob's house. He banged the door hard, then he notices that the door is already opened, slamming the wall of his living room.

"AAAAGGGHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!" "shatter" from a piece of glass.

Derek heard Bob's voice, knowing that the snake might have done something to him. He quickly hustled up to his room, then he cannot believe on what he is just seeing. The snake's head concealed Bob's whole head while he coils his whole body, as blood quickly runs from his neck, splattering the whole room, while Derek saw the shattered glass cage.

The snake's eyes saw Derek's face, while he sees that his face is full of sadness and regret. The snake felt very sad and released Bob from his very tight binding, unable to be found.

Derek quickly ran to Bob, seeing that he's in tears.

"Bob, are you OK? I never knew that the snake would do this, I feared that this may happen! It's all my fault!" Derek complained, crying while he placed his hand of his face.

"It's all right, at least I survived that event." said Bob as he wipes his face.
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