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    I heard there was unlimited spots, and this sounds quite interesting.

    Name: Luna Cassidy French

    Nickname: None

    Age (10-13): 13

    Sex (Male or Female): Female

    Appearance: Luna has deep red hair, which extends until the back of her neck. They cover her ears, and she has dark blue eyes. She has a slightly tanned skin-tone, and has a slim frame like a child. She has strong calves, due to her running away from thieves at every corners. Luna wears a dark blue dress, with a light blue tank top on top of the dress. The dress is sleeveless. For footwear, she wears a pair of red boots, that end at her knees.


    Luna is quite a loner, as she doesn't trust anyone except for herself. She doesn't like other people, and will often try and trick them in order to flee from them. She loves it when other people don't know a thing about her, so she can stab them in the back. The reason for this is that she is used to the way of living on her own, and actually enjoys it. Plus, the last time she trusted someone she loved (her parents), they let her down, as she believes, because they died, and left her alone. Luna swears to never make the same mistake of giving her heart to anyone, in order to protect herself from the pain of losing them if they go.

    Luna is also rather manipulative, getting people to do what she wants without ever so having to give anything in return. She has no qualms about blackmailing, or any other type of that nature. Luna can read people like an open book, and can figure out what they're emotions are, and if they're lying. Using the emotions, Luna can essentially manipulate them into doing whatever she wants, without having to do anything on her own. She can also psyche them out, in order to get them paranoid and slip up.

    She doesn't believe that her ways are wrong, as she only cares about herself. Luna will do anything, despite the consequences of her actions, in order to get what she wants, or to fulfill what she needs to do. Luna just thinks she's doing what it takes to survive in the world. Luna is a thief, often stealing everything she needs, rather than everything she wants.

    Luna can be a bit sadistic, not really caring about what happens to her victims. In fact, sometimes she may go and try to inflict enough injuries in order for others to think she's a maniac. Luna loves it when people are afraid of her, causing some people to think she's not very right in the head; however, they're wrong, as she's intelligent enough to cause people to forget.

    Luna's quite determined; once she's set her mind to do something, she won't stop at anything to do it. Luna does not have enough of a moral compass, as she's willing to do anything, such as kill, hurt, and destroy in order to get what she needs.


    Luna was born near Solaceon Town inside the Pokémon Tower. Her mother died after childbirth, and her father became increasingly depressed. Soon, he was so depressed that he committed suicide by hanging at the Pokémon Tower when Luna was seven.

    Born of hard knocks, Luna quickly learned that stealing was one of the options that she had in order to get food, and other supplies that she needed. She believed that stealing had a high success rate for finding the supplies she needed, and, while most people fought to defend their things, Luna easily evaded them, and fled. The thought of killing another for meat occasionally crossed her mind, but she felt that by the time she"prepare" the body, someone would find her. Also, the rumors she's heard of people going on murder sprees have disturbed her, to the point where she didn't want to risk the chance of becoming a mindless killer. She ended up starting out as an amateur thief, often stealing things like apples and pears from the people in Solaceon Town. Her current home was the Pokémon Tower, where she found peace with the silence.

    However, as she grew older, she became quite an experienced thief, stealing valuables without any clues to leave behind. Luna had a craving for action then; when she fought, the adrenaline was something she was addicted to, like it was her own drug. Luna didn't believe that she was doing anything wrong, as she needed to survive, and people needed food and other supplies. She just had her own way of getting things.

    The adults were the few people that Luna finds a deep hatred for. She hates how they've abandoned their children just to save their own lives. Shouldn't adults hold unconditional love with their children, regardless of apocalyptic measures? Luna realizes she may be overreacting, but she holds no regrets for stealing from, or killing adults.

    After stealing from some people in Oreburgh City, she decided to travel to Mt. Coronet. Why? Because it was there. Luna wasn't informed of the giant quaking, as she figured it was just a an earthquake of high magnitude near Solaceon. When she got there, she found the crystal, and read the sign. She scoffed at it, wondering how people can bring themselves to justice if there are so many evil people in the world. Suddenly, the crystal shimmered as she was given the power of Breloom, a sneaky, and a hit-and-run specimen, just like Luna. Even though her PokéSpirit gave her immunity to toxic/poison, she still sticks with stealing rather than scavenging. Why? Luna believes that you could get a lot more from stealing, and a lot of those items could be useful. However, if you scavenge, she believes there is almost nothing useful in the items left behind by people.

    Pokéspirit Species: Breloom (Blue instead of the green) (female)

    Nickname: Spora

    Personality: Before Spora became a spirit, she was living as a Pokémon in a normal world. Before, in the real world, Spora was similar to Luna in many ways. She tricked people, into trusting her, and then Spora would stab them in the back. The misery of others gave happiness to Spora, as she enjoyed the fact that she knew others well enough to twist and taint their emotions to cause them. She is somewhat of a sociopath, like Luna. Like Luna does today, she uses the Spore-Then-Run technique in order to make a quick getaway, or to mess with some people. Whatever came first inside her mind. Spora encourages Luna to get thrills out of stealing or attacking.

    -Mach Punch
    -Seed Bomb
    -Bulk Up

    Other: Spora often gives off many physical traits to Luna, such as enhanced agility. Luna gets somewhat tanner, similar to the color of Spora's head, neck, and tail. Luna's fingernails are also grown a bit sharper, to the point where touching one a little harder can prick your finger. Luna has the mushroom-like cap that most people mistake for a hat, which is blue in color. She also grows a tail with the blue spore-releasers.

    One characteristic that Spora gives to Luna is that, like a Breloom normally would, she will not hesitate to fight, or attack anything or anyone that threatens her. With Spora, Luna will attack those who she thinks will pose a threat to her. Luna's strategy with Spora is to attack after sprinting quickly and lightly on her feet, before punching with her hands. Luna also releases sleep spores from her tail in order to make a quick get-a-way.

    Opening Post:

    An apple. Good enough. Luna thought, as she rested inside the Pokémon Tower. No one else was in the tower, so she didn't have to hide; it was sickening how some people just threw the dead people in here like they didn't matter. If you're wondering about the smell, Luna took care of it. She always refreshed the scent of the tower with her abilities.

    Luna breathed slowly, as her form began to change. A blue mushroom cap grew on top of her red hair, as she felt her tail grow out on her tailbone. Also, she felt her red nail-polished fingernails grow to a sharp point. She felt her senses get heightened, and her agility increase.

    "You seem a bit stressed. Why not just knock out a few guys in Nicholas' empire to make yourself feel better?" Spora commented on Luna's mood. Luna sighed, as she thought for a minute before answering her PokéSpirit.

    "I'm not sure. I could get caught, and I'd have to deal with Nicholas," Luna answered the blue Breloom within her. Spora shook her head. It wasn't like Luna to worry about things like "getting caught."

    "Oh, come on! You've only been stealing minor things right now from Solaceon! Don't you want a thrill?" Spora protested. Luna thought about it for a moment; it would be fun to try and mess with Nicholas' "perfect utopia," and have him wanting to claw at her throat. Luna decided to go into Children's City, in order to steal some stuff, and maybe do some damage. Her craving for action and injury was too great to ignore, and Spora was completely supporting of this action.

    Luna got up, and dusted off her blue dress. As her boots clicked with every step, she descended the tower onto the entrance level, and opened the doors. The ray of light shone, as Luna closed her eyes, trying to adjust to the new level of brightness. Luna headed west, towards Children's City. She found a few children outside the perimeters of the city, when a small smirk crept on her face. She would be having a lot of fun today.
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