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Originally Posted by SummerSkies View Post
Salutations everyone,

I may not be the best at introductions, but here I go. I joined PokeCommunity recently in the past few days. Before I joined, I was a lurker looking at the forums. I joined mainly because I like Pokemon, and I like roleplaying. My hobbies are creating art of any medium, writing, poetry, playing my violin, bird watching, bird feeding, researching biology and zoology, track and field, swimming, and video games. My favorite kind of Pokemon are bird-like Pokemon.
Hi SummerSkies, cute name you have.

I am the cute but quirky Hikari, but the 10 is not a random number.

I was once like you, someone who previously lurked before eventually joining. I'm a 13-year veteran of the Pokemon series ever since it came to Australia.

I might recommend some places for you to visit, we have the PC Adoption Center where you can share interests and it's a good stepping stone for new users. We also have the Roleplay Corner since you said you love roleplays.

Feel free to VM me or send me a friend request if you need to chat, and make sure you read the rules so you don't get in detention cause trouble.

Have fun and I'll see ya!

- Hikari10
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