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    Originally Posted by SummerSkies View Post
    Salutations everyone,

    I may not be the best at introductions, but here I go. I joined PokeCommunity recently in the past few days. Before I joined, I was a lurker looking at the forums. I joined mainly because I like Pokemon, and I like roleplaying. My hobbies are creating art of any medium, writing, poetry, playing my violin, bird watching, bird feeding, researching biology and zoology, track and field, swimming, and video games. My favorite kind of Pokemon are bird-like Pokemon.
    Welcome to PC! I've just joined as well, a few days ago in fact. I feel like we have a lot in common though! I'm a biology major, and I absolutely love zoology and mycology. I've gone on a few birding trips and really enjoy it, too!

    Is it alright if I send you a friend request? hope you enjoy your time here!
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