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This is extended to October 5th, which is post-GTX really, and considering B2W2 is released in October and there's an event that month, that's enough extension. If you don't finish and want to, feel free to keep doing the challenge post-GTX and maybe blog your team.

Anyway, emulator and Wi-Fi trading challenges are eliminated, so you'll have to change over to in-game version rules. In-game rules are in-game trades and gift only and a max of 2 Pokemon traded from a friend or another cart you have. So no, going and catching a Remoraid won't work. You can however trade one from another game or have someone else trade you one.

It's not your fault, btw. It's just GT being at a busy time of the year for all of us and the time constraints and small amount of sign ups. Nothing to do with how slow you're playing, so if anyone's to blame for this, it's me. Don't blame yourself. :)
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