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    Olivia Jane Niwri

    Olivia stood stupefied by what was going on around her. Another man had answered her call into the ships cavity, his response wholly unlike what she thought it would be. He seemed to seriously be questioning her offer of help, even pointing out that a man was all but doomed, with the man in question within earshot. The poor man that he pointed out was visible, the fear plainly evident in his eyes, faint whispers of despair escaping his lips. Olivia felt for the man, but her situation left her powerless to help.

    Before she could even properly respond to the man departing toward his EXO, the one from outside made a bombastic entrance; screaming something about ammo before disappearing into the back hold of the ship. “Was he really thinking about ammo at a time like this?” Then it clicked that the fire had originated from that region. “What would happen if that ammo reached combustion point?” Olivia caught her breath and her eyes widened as she ran after the much larger EXO. Her body leapt over the dead littering the floor, the exertion putting a strain on her already taxed body. Whatever happened to her left side, she wasn’t looking forward to having Mr. Doom and Gloom take a look at it.

    She heard the man bellow out something about doing it by hand, as she emerged into the hold herself. His swords retracted back into the EXO’s arms as he leapt onto some cargo crates, his hands going rapidly to work at ripping up pipes residing in the ceiling. A thick foamy substance began to flow from the ruptures, but it obviously wasn’t what the man was looking for. Without saying a word, he grabbed for his shotgun and began to riddle the ceiling and pipes with it, Olivia covered her head with her arms and instinctually lowered herself to the ground.

    The foam began to flow much more freely, like a torrent of water through a broken levee. It quickly doused the fire and the man as it went to work. Only a light dusting covered her EXO’s feet, thankfully she was out of the range of the worst of it. Rising up from her position, she called out to the man, “Well, further disaster averted for now. What now? We should probably finish up with the wounded and then get this cargo out and sorted.”
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