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Here it is! The sign up! Finally!

I was supposed to post in the summer but never got around doing until now after a few friendly reminders...

Name: Donovan Hawk

Age: 24

Sex: Male

Battle type: Rogue

Appearance: Donovan is 1.83 metres tall and weighs 50 kilograms. His facial features are sharp and bony due to the lack of muscle and fat. He is underweight for his size, mostly due to him being a computer nerd. His skin is pale due to the lack of exposure with the sunlight. His eyes are plain brown. His physical prowess is less than stellar, the only notable aspect is his right arm which happens to be slightly larger than his left arm. Donovan likes to wear a large trench-coat because he feels the cold more than most people. He also wears thick snowpants for similar reasons. His footwear consists of typical running shoes, but he wears two pairs of thick socks to keep his feet warm. He also wears a black touque and one could see his brown hair hanging down from under it.

Bio: Donovan was born in and spent most of his life in Nimbasa city. Unlike most children he didn't go on a Pokémon adventure until he was an adult of  20 years of age. All of those years were spent with him dwelling in the deepest darkest corners of 4chan or programming software. When he turned 20 he decided to start in Hoenn because of it's warm and tropical climate. He gathered the first 4 badges after which he gave up and decided to train his Pokemon without abiding to the league, due to some conspiracy he read online. Upon turning 22 he joined Team Magma and worked as one of their "Super Nerds" until they were defeated by a child, who was believed to be affiliated with the league. Infuriated at the child who took away his pay Donovan hopes to extract his revenge from the league. Donovan used to be a mean, racist, social recluse who hated everyone he met. Travelling with pokemon especially Goliath made him more tolerate of other people but he is still easily angered. He has a crude, sarcastic sense of humour and is not very trusting. In dire situations he does resort to his old personality, or self preservation.

Name: Guardian
Species: Shedinja
Sex: formerly male (shedinja have no gender)
Moveset: Shadow Claw, Confuse Ray, Heal Block, Grudge, X Scissor, and Toxic.
Bio: Guardian was Donovan's starter and has been a loyal companion ever since. Living with the human for 4 years it protects him with his life, just as another shedninja would protect a ninjask. Guardian is the leader of the team amongst the Pokémon, his wise comments invaluable.

Name: Quince
Species: Qwilfish
Sex: Male
Moveset: Spikes, Toxic Spikes, Aqua tail, Poison Jab, Destiny Bond, Explosion
Bio: Quince is a lazy qwilfish who likes to dream big. Most of the time you can find him in a pool of water with his eyes closed whilst he day dreams. Even with lazy and carefree attitude Quince is still feared by the many due to his horrifying sacrificial extermination of the enemy with moves like destiny bond and explosion. Explosion is still a rather new skill for Quince so he often blows up for no reason at all. Quince was the fourth member of the team.

Name: Abita
Species: Lairon
Sex: Female
Moveset: Automize, Double Edge, Iron Head, Earthquake, Head smash, and Toxic
Bio: Abita joined Donovan when she was a young aron. After getting lost from her family, she had to turn to someone for protection which happened to be Donovan. Abita is one of the stronger fighters of the team and has hence become a very arrogant pokemon. She has been with Donovan for most of his journey being the second pokemon to join the team.

Name: Todd
Species: Kricketune
Sex: Male
Moveset: Slash, X Scissor, Night Slash, Swords Dance, Toxic, and Perish Song
Bio: Todd is what started off as a simple kriketot with nothing to do but eat and grow. Upon evolving, he became a prankster and quite the ladies man. He prides himself for his moustache  which is one of the largest amongst all kricketune. Todd was Donovan's third pokemon and is the glue that holds the team together. With his disgusting jokes, horrible pick up lines, and ridiculous acts it's hard not to be amused.

Name: Gina
Species: Castform
Sex: Female
Moveset: Hydro Pump, Thunder, Weather Ball, Rain dance, Flamethrower, And Thunder Wave
Bio: Gina the castform was given to Donovan as a prize for winning the Annual Weather Prediction contest. Gina enjoys flying around and the company of Abita who treats her like a sister. Gina is a happy castform who often has the best advice for settling verbal disputes in the team. Gina does act as a councilor talking to pokemon and people when they are upset. Gina was the fifth member of the team.

Name: Goliath
Species: Golurk
Sex: Unknown
Moveset: Earthquake, Drain Punch, Giga Impact, Psychic, Fly and Toxic
Bio: Goliath a fitting name for the giant he is. He soars over even the tallest golurks, not just in height but age as well. Being a ghost Goliath easily exceeds the mark of a century in life. Goliath came from Unova to Hoenn to search for weak pokemon he could train, instead of pokemon he found Donovan who was in need of dire help. He has helped Donovan for two years teaching him about pokemon and other such things. Not being caught by Donovan he is not bound to him like the rest of his pokemon so often he will retaliate for weak pokemon and humans who have been harmed by Donovan. Goliath hopes to have Donovan overcome those of his issues. He has been with Donovan for 2 years and is the most recent member.

Oh almost forgot, please note I won't be very active generally (damn school, and I'm working on a fanfiction) especially five or so days after this saturday, so don't be worried about me getting run over by an angry moose or whatnot.

Anyway, enough rambling.


Edit: I'm willing to help with the rom idea, I have some mapping experience.