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Since we were on the subject of Pokemon BW2 for a moment, I will say this (a little advertisement, if you will): BW2, in terms of innovation and content, is the best game in the series. It adds...more content than you'd expect from a pokemon game, especially what is, technically speaking, a "third" (and fourth) version. So...yeah, if you can get past the overuse of the Lucario family (not saying anything's wrong with Lucario, but the amount in which they use it in this game is slightly random and unnecessary, but by no means bad) and the sewers, you'll enjoy it. It also has a good story too, (probably better than BW, so I'd say it's the best in the series in that aspect as well). Granted, I'm not really the type that can play a new pokemon game without gameplay changes on a larger scale than were introduced in recent generations (I can't really play pokemon for as long as I can play other RPGs, not the newer ones, at least), this one is probably the most enticing game to play since Gold and Silver. So yeah, try it out, it's worth the money.
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