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    Rina Arias____________Outer Rim of Lethia

    Rina catches the map, and nearly dropped the map. She was surprised by the object thrown to her. Rina waved to the old sea captain, and shouted,” T-thank you for t-the map, k-kind sir!” Rina looked at her map that she had gotten from the mysterious man she battled, and the map she had received from the old sea captain. “O-okay, s-so I have t-two maps of Lethia, I-I am wondering wh-which map is correct now?” asked Rina anxiously, “Wh-what if I u-use the wrong m-map, and I-I run into the g-green exile!?” Rina was worried, and she took another slice of apple from her bag to eat the slice of apple to try to relieve her stress.

    Meanwhile, Samuel the Pidgeotto was standing near the railings of the boat with his best friends and his teammates, Nalafari the Staravia, and Emil the Altaria. Samuel observed his teammates.

    Nalafari seemed to be eager to get to Lethia. Samuel could even feel the “determination vibes” from Nalafari. Before arriving at the boat,Nalafari was boasting about how he would win the tournament, and how the tournament would be a piece of cake. Even though Nalafari wanted to win the tournament, he would still be loyal to his friends.

    Emil was a shy, reserved Altaria, she was nervous about joining the Earth and Sky League. Emil was afraid of losing her friends to the tournament, she was afraid of all the horrors that might be out there, and fighting other Pokemon. However, Emil promised that if her best friends are in trouble, she would become brave and help protect her best friends no matter what.

    Samuel observed himself. Like Emil, Samuel was reserved, but he was not shy. Samuel would often try to plan ahead of time and take as much infomation of a situation to get through a difficult situation. He suspected that taming Lethia and winning the tournament would be one of these tough situations. Samuel was not determined to win the tournament, but he was more interested in solving “the puzzle of Lethia” to find out the purpose of the league and their intentions.

    Samuel looked upon the water splashing the boat, and became lost in his thoughts and his plans.
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