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Originally Posted by Feralikazam View Post
I found some shinies in the tins I've bought recently. Here they are.

Hope they're worth something.

Voltorb, being that it's a secret rare, is around $10 to $15.

Golett, however, would barely be worth $0.15, seeing as how it's a reverse holofoil of a common.

Originally Posted by ChristGilely View Post
I have a 1996 Dewgong Japanese Pocket Monsters card. It has a black diamond in the lower right corner but I'm not sure what the first edition mark looks like. Also, i would like to know how much it is worth. Thank you :3
Most likely, $0.50. Japanese cards aren't very sought after unless their holofoil cards, and even then, they still are generally less valuable than their English language counterparts. At least outside of Japan, that is.

Originally Posted by Zyzz View Post
Hi guys, i am new here :).

I have read the first post, but i have 10-15 cards which i need to ask you guys what is average value of each card, u dont need to tell me accurate, but i want to have overall vision of my cards value.

I used to collect pokemon cards when i was kid so i have some old holos.

I am wondering how much could cost shining kabutops, raichu, tyranitar, celebi and magicarp (all are shining, but magicarp is a bit different and it's from Neo Revelations)

Same goes for crystal crobat, charizard and holem. (skyridge).

And i have all holo trainer cards, from Brock to Giovanni + 3 Team rocket holo trainer cards (Here comes team rocket, Rocket's sneak attack, The rocket's trap). How much i could ask for them as a collection.

And last one is some Japanise charizard edition, picture of pokemon is non holo, bur rest of card is holo, and on back is not pokemon, but pocket monsters, version of charizard is one with 120hp and 100 damage + pokemon power. Here is how it look's like -> (add www before, as it wont let me post this link since i dont have mroe then 15 posts)

Ty and sorry for asking you for that many cards.
I'll get to yours later. It's getting late and I'm running low on energy right now.
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