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    ^ not as far as I'm aware. pichu already hinted at it when he posted the image of the map associations. The ambient music IDs used at certain locations are determined from the zone data narc (a/0/1/2, both b1w1 & b2w2) at 0x0C-0x13, 4 words for spring/summer/autumn/winter.

    b2w2 text file a/0/0/2 file 366 has the list of song names -> ingame hex... 0000-096F, I have a list of the correlation here for B2W2; it's the internal names. I've been using another for BW1 which users have named songs; the two lists are different between games (new music).

    You can use Lua scripts to see the active zone data for a certain location if you're using an emulator.

    If you change certain ones they may or may not work, it depends on the location (and method of map change). There's another way the game associates music to map in addition to the zone data.