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How is Grovyle's and Sceptile's (originally) signature move, Leaf Blade, to you? Does it appeal to you? Do you use it a lot, or do you think it just looks cool? Or both? Tell me what you think!

I've always pretty much been a fan of this move. I guess part of the reason comes from the fact that it was a move that only the Treecko line at that time learned, and that it was one of the stronger Grass type moves at the time. I'd always used the move whenever I used Treecko, since it was a good combination with its speed, so it was quick for Water, Rock and Ground type sweeping. I'm not much for the animation in-game, at least not what it looked like in the third generation games, mainly because there just isn't much to it. No special animation really, and though it's certainly better than the liked of Tackle, for a special move the animation just didn't really appeal to me. It looked cool in the anime however, though sadly it wasn't used all that much :(
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