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IceFye1928's Pokemon: Revolution is accepted!

ThatIceman's ... okay, so, uh
This probably isn't the right place for this. Probably in the Other Chat section!

jjx8672's Kanto: The Journey Begins is declined.
It's fine, just needs a rules section. Sorry for not replying to your PM. It's also fine if you want to do things like you originally intended. Just make sure you outline what the player will be doing!

Vato and ytfeL's SCHOOL YEARS and IC is accepted!

Steller the Raichu's One way Out is declined.
The storyline is quite vague. Maybe you should explain this Quroza, why it hit Earth and what else it impacted. Why it radiates energy like it does? Why Sentor wants to take over the world and etc.

Khawill's IC is accepted!


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