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Jack Davis - Hero's Loft

Echo shivered but nodded slowly, "Y-Yeah. It's c-cool." She stammered out. Although being an ice type slightly made it less worse she still shivered from the intense cold but smile up at Spirit, "I guess you have i-ice powers now." She giggled.

It was around this time when Jack and Alpha came upon them. "There you Echo." He said with a smile. "Come on, we're heading into the hotel. It should be much better than sleeping out here tonight again." Echo gave a weak smile to Spirit as she was sucked into her pokeball. Alpha walked along Jack as they headed to the hotel, busily cleaning his pendulum even though it was already shining.

He would develop a plan, that's what he would do! Map out their route and see just how to get the advantage over other trainers. It was soon time after all, hopefully he wouldn't be that mad when he was brought back over.
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