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Me: Magmortar...Eat this first!
Magmortar: (TRANSLATED) A Power Herb? Thanks!
Me: No worries! Now, Magmortar...
Magmortar: (TRANSLATED) SolarBeam! Right?
Me: Right. did you guess?
Magmortar: (TRANSLATED) You always give me a Power Herb before I'm asked to use SolarBeam. It gets repeated many times...And because of that, I now relate a Power Herb with SolarBeam.
Me: Well, if you'd like to say so. For sure, just do it.
Magmortar: (TRANSLATED) Got it.
... Boom!
Me: Oh! That's awesome! Thanks, Magmortar! It hit the Swampert really hard!
Magmortar: (TRANSLATED) No worries.
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