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Adeline Densetsu
Divine Water

**** you Tsurara, don't you realize that you and our precious little angel of a sister wi

Adeline immediately lifted her pen from the paper, looking down at the demon as it began to climb up her leg as if it were a rope in gym class. "What are you doing?" she asked as it curled up in her lap. She sighed, put the pen down and hesitantly put her hand on the kid's head. "Are you hungry? We can go get something for you." Without even awaiting a response, she lifted the child and walked through the hall in the direction of the kitchen. She passed by the infirmary but then quickly backed up until she was standing right in front of the open door. Her face expressed surprise as she noticed Seraphina sleeping in the bed. "What happened?" Addie asked, trying to sound as interested as possible.
Why you act frightened?
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