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    Username: Aryan143
    Competition: #2
    Description: This is the Clocky-Blaze. When held by a Fire Pokemon, and he fall asleep, this item has a 50-50% chance of either awkening him or raising his Attack and Special Attack


    Username: Aryan143
    Competition: #3
    Description: Luxio has got a Lime Green Necklace,Hot Pink Hat and a Big Red Nose.

    Approved! Thanks for making the changes; great job.

    Here is my submission for Competition #3: (All are scratched except for the Dress)

    Username: MidnightShine
    Competition: #3: Accessories
    Description: Yay, Mime Jr is now ready to join the cheerleader team. This female has a nice outfit on, holding two pom-poms & balancing on a ball.

    I have submitted my other works for this event. I hope to see great results.

    Approved, cute concept and all, but there will be deductions for execution/design of the dress since it's not from scratch. So just a heads up if you'd like to make any changes

    To all Spriters,

    You guys have submitted SO MANY entries, but we can still do better!
    Keep on spriting; you have tonight and tomorrow to finish-up by 8 P.M. EASTERN TIME.
    Good Luck!!!

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