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Last minute entry!

Alright, listen up maggots.

There are going to be some changes - big changes. I, Lerroux, am in power once again, and rightly so. With my upcoming reign, I will be implementing aforemention big changes and hastily.

The first change that I will be performing is the removal of the administrative positions below Administrator. My explanation is as follows: the Staff Administrative position is an irrevocably useless position due to the ludicrous amount of access it gives to the members within that role. People such as Hiroshi Sotomura, Lightning, parallelzero and Arcanine have too much access to the internal workings of the site. I cannot trust anyone but myself to make enormous changes to the technical side of the website - as I am the esteemed and honorable ruler of this website and nobody else - and thus this removal is mandatory and will the first of many performed. The Assistant Administrators group is the same way and will be removed post-haste. I will be the only one that can perform any administrative tasks on this website at any given point.

Secondly, all current staff after that point will be receiving a demerit. As the administrators go down to the Super Moderator role, the current Super Moderators will be pushed down to the Moderator role, and all Moderators will be stripped of their rank. All banned members will be unbanned and inquired as to if they would like to be promoted to Moderator and not a single soul otherwise. Everyone should be given a chance at Moderator, spam/ad bot or troll alike. You can't disagree, now can you? If you can you must be some sort of tyrant.

Speaking of disagreement, anyone to disagree with any change I make or suggest will be banned on the spot. I will not tolerate the likes of ignorant and self-absorbed people forcing their opinions onto me. While I am the ruler of this website, we will not enforce free speech - if you have an opinion, swallow it and move on, as I don't want to hear it. If a staff member hears out a member's appeal toward a subject, both that staff member and the regular member will be banned. I am very serious about this - opinions and arguments against me will not be tolerated under any circumstance.

All members that have donated will be stripped of their donator userbar and name color - with such a large community, we should look uniform and as such only staff members should have a customized name color. With that being said, I have already installed a plugin that routes your PayPal to my own account, rather than Steve's, and if you have made any payments in the history of PokeCommunity, your account will continue to be charged the payment you donated the first time and on a weekly basis. Henceforth, you will be donating without even knowing it and without any sort of incentive for doing so. After two weeks from now, anyone who has not linked their PayPal with the site will have their account deleted and their IP banned so they may no longer negatively influence our sight with their greediness.

My previously discussed act of removing all forums with less than 10,000 posts will be followed upon immediately, except the number will be bumped up to 50,000. This will result in the removal of the following forums and subforums:
  • Community Announcements - no announcements will be publicly posted anymore. All changes will go without warning to the general public of the community. Besides, since you are no longer allowed to express your opinions, being informed of things has been deemed unnecessary.
  • Black 2 and White 2
  • Challenges
  • Metal and Color Generation Games
  • Spinoff Games
  • Pokemon Trading Card Game
  • Technology & Internet
  • Tabletop Games

These forums will be hard deleted so post counts will also take a dramatic drop. The Welcomes forum will also be purged and new members will only be able to view the Questions & Feedback section until they reach 500 posts (which they must do in two weeks or their account will be deleted) because they will learn to be helpful to members who have questions.

While we're on the subject of posts, all members with less than 500 posts will be deleted (apart from me and banned members [who will, like said, become Moderators]) from the database permanently to reduce lag on the server. After doing this, we will allow name changes again! However, they will be only for Administrators, and since I will be the only Administrator, I and only I will be allowed to change my name.

If anyone has any disagreements with the changes I have stated, please take it up with my ban button and if he can't answer any of your concerns, tough nookies.

Have a wonderful day here at PokeCommunity,