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My Entries so Far...

On my little walk throughout the world, i noticed some of the strangest creatures I had ever seen! I decided, after much consideration, to call them Pokémon. I think it's because some of them are so tiny, they could fit into your pocket!

But first off, I encountered a icy Pokémon, one nearby a pine tree.

I decided, after much though and consideration, to name it, Abomasnow, because it looked like it belonged in the snow, and was quite abominable.

Next, I encountered an icy Pokémon again, but this time, one that looked like it ruled the icy realms. It was in a snowy area.

I named this one Articuno almost straight off. Artic, because it was icy, and the Arctic is icy, and uno, which is Spanish for one.

Then I encountered what I would consider a common beast, a pokémon swimming in the water, basking in a underwater glow.

I named the Pokémon Chinchou, as a play on 提灯 chōchin (lantern).

I'm sure I'll come across some more Pokémon sooner or later!

Also, sorry about the white space around the Pokémon, I had to insert the Pokémon later, and some of the pictures were complex with their whites..... >.<
My other entries are at, but without the pokémon.