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Originally Posted by Demon. View Post
So if someone with Black 2 beats the game and unlocks challenge mode, will someone with White 2 be able to get challenge mode off of their friends Black 2?

Or is Challenge mode exclusively for black 2?
Originally Posted by Zerrah. View Post
I feel like I am so left behind...CHALLENGE MODE?!?! I have been waiting for something like this! I am kinda confused though. Correct me if I'm wrong: Black and White 2 both offer an extra mode, with Black's being the Challenge, and White's being the Assist? And you must play through first on Normal? So there is no way for Black to have Assist, or White to have Challenge?
You can transfer the modes to other games using Unova Link. Its one of three options that Unova Link provides.

As for reason to Assist Mode, not everyone can play in normal mode. There are a bunch of younger kids that play this game that don't know what grinding is, or how to train their Pokemon. So when they made a mode to make the game more fun for those that have played the games for a while, they also made a mode for those just starting.

I remember when I first started I couldn't beat Giovanni in Silph Co. Took a bunch of tries but a friend ended up telling me its cause my levels were too low and I was still using Pokemon from the beginning of the game. For those that were like I was 14 years ago, this is a good thing.
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