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Originally Posted by kierany9 View Post
I forgot to mention, I am not using legendaires here.
Skarmory will be changed. One Emolga has been switched for Raichu. Those two are there to annoy with ParaFusion and Toxic. Luxray's Super Power+Fighting Gem combo is devastating, but it could be replaced with Electrive. Aggron will be given Magnet Rise and Air Balloon. The reason why I'm not replacing him is because with three Iron Defences, he is an incredible tank. Might give Lanturn a defence move and that's about it. After trying it out on Pokemon Online, it proved to be very effective, even when several Ground and Rock types were in play
Rotom (all forms) isn't a legendary, before you ask.

I'll explain why I made the changes I suggested, minus Zapdos and Thundurus-Therian:

Luxray doesn't do well in standard because of its low Speed in comparison to other Electrics.

Raichu isn't good in standard either, because of its poor defenses, making it prone to priority from things like Conkeldurr or Toxicroak. While Jolteon suffers from poor defenses, as well as a shallower movepool, it does special sweeping better than Raichu can because of its superior Special Attack and Speed. Raichu and Emolga are also too frail to use Parafusion; Lanturn can do that better.

The reason why I replaced Aggron with Dragonite or Salamence is because of its low Speed in conjunction with its common weaknesses. These factors don't give Aggron enough time to set up 3 Iron Defenses, since something like Landorus or Conkeldurr will easily take it out by preying on its 4x weaknesses to Ground and Fighting, respectively. Magnet Rise + Air Balloon is also a redundant combo.