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    Tagal is right. The best programming languages have thousands upon thousands of functions, because that means that the programing can have many personalized features, such as reading files in many different formats will allow you to use many different files, or using complex algorithms allows the program to be smaller and faster, b/c if,else,while, ect. use a lot of space and CPU usage. it can easily increase the game speed by 200% just by replacing if structures with boolean statements, a "simple" two-button formula for moving a value up or down takes at least two if statements, ussualy three for making sure the value doesn't change when neither button is pressed, because that structure is ussauly used to change speed, but all those lines can be done in only one algorithm: value=value+((up=true increment)-(down=true))*increment
    for non-speed changing, and for speeds, don't add the value, and you have a system that not only moves up when one button is pressed and down with the other, but also does not change when both are pressed at the same time, a good thing to have to prevent having to prioritize buttons.