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Fonse Loneheart
Chapter One - A Journey... How Amusing - Part III
"I wouldn't say they're that rare," Fonse replied to the same guy to whom he had smiled (or at least attempted to) a while go, "They're quite the sight near Pallet Town, or where, not sure if they're stil... my mother caught it for me."

He stopped as he stared at Goony Goo while he remembered the way his mother told him the racoon was caught. It was nothing special, just a Pokeball thrown and a red liht around, but his mother tells it better, according to her, it was a heated summer afternoon, and while she ws on her way to Viridian, a creature with eyes like peas and a patterned fur came out to brawl over her supply of Oran berries, within a second, there were flashes and capsules being thrown around, but in the end, she emerged victorious with a now filled Pokemon held high in the air. It should be noted that his mother is always exagerating her stories, or, in her words, her tales of awesomeness.

"Goony Goo's rather... unusual... he's always running around. ending in the least expected places." He resumed while staring at Irwin, he tried to return his sight at the racoon, but as he previously stated, Goony Goo was gone.

"Like now..." He said at last, "Well, guess I gotta go..."

Without even biding a farewell, he began walking away from the lab, after recieving the supplies from Miss. Cole, of course. It wasn't hard to find the Zigzagoon, it was eating some Oran berries that were growing from a bush, but without knowing it, the Pokemon had startled a wild one while doing this, the battle that was about to arrive would certainly catch them both by surprise.