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    Originally Posted by WolfOfEve View Post
    I wasn't referring to this, though it was a significant improvement.

    It's more of the fact that some amazing Roleplays, characters, and players have gone unnoticed. Because no one ever voted for them in the first place, no one bothered to look. Maybe if there were somehow a way to make sure all of these players are accounted for.
    That's really how Award shows (and the like) work, it's all about nomination, and that stems from appeal. It is that exemplary facet that is really what makes people noticed. I'd say the only time that appeal isn't the cause of nomination is if the member is very well known and well respected, as people tend to have a bias towards them (more often than not, that bias is unconscious). I wouldn't say that things are actually unequal in terms of the being noticed...not completely, as it is exposure that leads to nomination, appeal that leads to exposure, and (most of the time, in the case of RPs) skill that leads to such appeal.

    One also becomes more noticed because of how they present themselves. Part of this is in terms of writing, but I am also talking about in terms of how their posts look (this is especially true for RP submission posts, though I'd say it's more important there. For instance, people who use backgrounds in their writing and pretty text colors and fonts are more likely to be recognized than those who, say, use the default font and do nothing else. I'd say that that is a problem, as quite a few people are satisfied with just making ordinary posts with nothing specifically aesthetically unique about it, and I see nothing wrong with that, but it does play a part in that exposure. It is really because of that (and the whole "famous member" bias) that I half agree with you, but I don't know exactly how much can be done on the organizer's part in terms of that (at least, not without alienating members process).