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Abimon, a new beginning

Hello, and welcome to the new thread for Abimon, a new beginning! This game is the first in the Abimon series (hence the name), and as such, more Abimon games will be made, later though.

Ok, so first off, from the thread name, you should have guessed what program-thing we are using, Java! For those of you who don’t know what Java is,
Java is a programming language originally developed by James Gosling at Sun Microsystems (which has since merged into Oracle Corporation) and released in 1995 as a core component of Sun Microsystems' Java platform.

So we know what Abimon is being developed in, now, what is it?????

Abimon is -
Written in Java
Using the English Language, however more languages will eventually be supported
Currently using Pokémon with some edits

Ok, so what about the features?
Abimon features a Stamina System, basically, a human health system. While this is not depleted in battles, Stamina is used up by walking, running, riding a bike, etc. When you run out of stamina, you will have to sleep, wherever you are.

Many transport options - Such as motorcycles, bikes, bus, car, train, plane, etc
A unique “battle” system, similar to the anime contests -
For more info, PM or post in this thread, asking to know more about the battle system.

Mystery Gift - We have a website, a bad one at that, which will host MG files.
OTS (Online Trade System) - You will need to set this up yourselves
OBS (Online Battle System) - You will need to set this up yourselves
Multiplayer worlds - You will need to set this up yourselves - By this, I mean, you will need to set up your own personal server, but we'll provide software (eventually)
Team Shadow - An evil group who have studied everything, the attempted invasions, the successful invasions, everything, and have learnt from the mistakes.
Notetaking - Notetaking is an art, mainly because most conversations only happen once or twice. Because of this, you have two options. 1, record the notes manually or 2. Record the conversations and view them later. Generally, you would use number 1, as it is cheaper and, if it is done digitally, takes up less space then recording the conversations.
Questions about Notetaking?

1. Why can't I just record constantly?
A. Because that consumes too much disk space.
2. Why can't I upload it to the PC? Or to the cloud?
A. Because a PC will not always be available for use, plus, Internet access or phone reception is not always available, depending on your area and provider.
3. How accurate is the recording?
A. Very accurate! The conversation is recorded via text at first, however we hope to eventually integrate audio support!
4. When will these features be available?
A. The features will be available the demo textboxes are officially released or the demo after.
5. Hang on, don't we already have textboxes??
A. Kinda.... I had a problem relative to the code, so we had to scratch parts of it.....
6. What's stopping me from just using actual screen recording software?
A. Nothing... However, we do ask that you don't, and if you're recording a video walkthrough/let's play, we ask that you black out NPC text and screen recordings done ingame. Otherwise, it ruins the game...

Camcorder - The camcorder and other visual recording devices allow you to record scenes exactly as they happen!
With audio only, sometimes things may happen in the background that you may want to visually record. However, this takes up even more space then audio recording!
And many more that we will announce at a later date!

Plot Overveiw(may change with development)

Imagine you are alone, stranded in space. There is nothing, just you and the universe. There is nothing, no matter, no planets, no galaxies, just you.

And then... something happened. It is as if the wind started going north rather than south. Of course, up until that time, you didn’t know what north and south were, nor what wind was.
It was a subtle change, very subtle.

As you close your eyes to rest, you realise you can realise things. In fact, you know what you are, who you are. You know your hair colour, your eye colour, you can recite all the plays of a man named William Shakespeare who lives in a foreign universe! You know everything.

But in the next second, you forget everything. You ponder who you are, what you are, and most importantly, where you are?

Then, something zooms towards you, sending you spinning round and round. As you regain yourself, you see stars forming, being sent from the centre to other locations. More come near you, but this time you evade them.

Suddenly, Planets start forming, and a great barrier is created between the two sides of this universe, the good side and the bad side.

And then you see your home planet, a planet in the centre of the good side. You feel yourself rush towards it, and then....

You are there, living in peace with the earth, becoming as one with Sata Marcania, the Centre of Good. As you look over the horizon, you see Sata Martania, the Centre of Evil. You know that, as long as they both remain in their appropriate positions, life will be as it should.

You are Man, Trelana, and she is Woman, Trelana cata. Together, the world will be alive.

It’s 500 years later, 500 AC as natives call it, 500 years after Creation. The world thrives, things are as they should, and life is good. Abimon reside well, and we all live in peace with one another.

Let’s skip ahead to 1 NC, the first year of the New Creation. Mankind, be it Trelana or Trelana cata, have changed the face of the earth, populating the entire earth. Everywhere you look, there are cities, towns, roads. No sign of nature beyond a few trees here and there.

50 NC and it hasn’t changed much, except that Mankind is becoming slightly better. More trees have appeared, but an Abimon hasn’t been seen since 1 NC

127 NC, and the national hero, Steve, is born. To everyone at the time, he is just a normal guy, doing his thing, forever and ever.

145 NC, Steve is 18 and his “friends” go out together one night. They go to a bar to celebrate one thing or another, and all, except Steve, get drunk. Steve found that he has a severe case of a disease that no-one knows, marking him since birth. He can only drink water or pineapple juice. Weird, right?

So Steve drinks his water, celebrates, and then they leave. As they leave, they spy a Zigzagoon, running away from a trash can with an apple in it’s mouth. As Steve’s friends throw whatever they can find at it, dirt, beer cans, mobile phones, hats, etc, Steve just stares at it. He knows this thing, right? Somehow, he feels like this thing is.... his friend?

(Steve is, of course, related to the first Man and Woman, however he has inherited that near-infinite knowledge from them. This knowledge needs that little boost to remember, but from that moment, he can know all about that thing, if he so desires)
So Steve runs out and protects the Zigzagoon from his “friends” and takes it home to his house. He quickly bolts the door and searches the pantry for something he might be able to give the Zigzagoon.

After the Zigzagoon is convinced that Steve is his friend, they play, they learn together, and Steve discovers what this little fella is.

Steve knows what this is. It's an Abimon.
But that didn't seem right. Abimon had been said to be extinct for over 150 years.... Unless...

He looked at Zigzagoon again, and knew why thay had disappeared.
Because there was no-where to live.

So Steve, every night, goes out and finds Abimon that are dying, injured or just plain lost. He finds them and brings them back. His efforts are noticed by Arceus, and one night Arceus comes to see Steve. Arceus tells Steve that, should he ever need to, he could call Arceus and he would come.

So Steve goes to the Centre Crystal, where the Sata Trelana (Centre of Man) lives. He asks that he be let in to see him, however the guards are reluctant. At this point, Arceus appeard. The guards are suddenly terrified. Steve and Arceus are then admitted to see the Sata Trelana (Centre of Man), the leader-kinda of the world. Together, they formulate a plan, and some of the population is moved to different worlds in the Good Side of the Universe Then Arceus recreates now-freed areas of the world for Abimon to re-inhabit.
It is now 1 AR, the first year of the Abimon’s Return.

Now it is 2093 AR, and you are born. You are Steve’s descendant. You are special. And when you are 6, the world will be corrupted. And it will be your job to save it. For you are Protici Trelana, Protector of Man.

One thing you should know - Abimon is as realistic as it can be. This results in no game instructions, no professor at the start, none of that.

Main storyline


You start off as a 8 yr old child, at their party. Your character acts completely genderless for the moment. Then an old man falls over. You rush to help him, and he thanks you. As he stands up a little straighter, you notice he is blind. He thanks you for your help and asks a little about you. What is your name, are you a boy or a girl, eye colour, hair colour, hair length. He asks this sorta stuff. This is because, later, this information is presented to the village mayor, who talks to your father about the celebration ceremony for your birthday. You see, a birthday is a special time here. They celebrate living another year, being able to see what will happen. So it has been for many years.

Everyone has to be dressed up well. Especially you. So your mother this time tells you to get dressed and come out. This is where the prior information comes in. You get to choose what your character looks like, as you will everyday for the rest of your life in this game. After that, you come out to your mum. She tidies up your clothes, brushes and combs your hair and just prepares you for the celebration.

It's the party, everyone's having a great time... Except one person. Gardla. She's just looking at you. Slowly, she summons her Abimon, a Shalker (A rare, evil and corrupt Abimon, said to steal away light from around it), and gets it to use Shadow Bolt (A powerful attack known to paralyze even the most defensive Abimon).

Your pet Abimon, a Silth ('Abimon of many forms', Similar to the Pokémon Eevee), notices this attack, and attempts to prevent it. It runs up and uses an ability known commonly as Suck, which allows Silth to absorb the moves abilities and use them. It is one of the many 'defensive' abilities that Abimon have learnt in an attempt to protect themselves.

Gardla starts to run away, for her attempt to paralyze you has failed. While neither you or anyone else knows what her plan was, it couldn't be good. She manages to slip away, but she trips, making her cloak tear, and underneath they see an emblem of a shadow-y eye, revealing her to be a member of Team Shadows.

The mayor suddenly understands what's happening. He instructs you that you must choose your destiny soon, or else it will be too late!
The current options are:
- Trainer
- Prof. Assistant
- Breeder
- Ranger
- Policeman
- AbiMall helper-out-erer
- Gym Leader in-training
- Evil team*
*Evil team job is not selectable as a job, comes later in the story.

Your task, however possible, you must obtain all the gym badges, for the badges contain a special gem required to activate the security field, for evil has entered the Good side of the Universe.
Don't say it's cliche'd. 'Cause it isn't. If it was cliche'd, your purpose for obtaining the badges would be personal 'gain', aka, Champion

You will find the screenshots in the attachments below. The one with a person is a snapshot of the movement and stamina system, the other one is a Save system, and the last one is our progress atm. Thanks for reading this!

Tell me what you think, as well. Tell me anything that may help. Thanks


So we come to the matter of beta releases. I have decided, after consulting me and my imaginary self, that there will be 3 stages of beta releases.

1. Indev, or In development, releases are releases with little new content, they're essentially just playable updates.

2. Recommended Releases are releases that have a bit more content than an Indev release.

3. Bleeding-Edge Releases are releases that are special. They're like chapters of the game.

I have no idea when the next Indev release will be available, mainly because I'm coding everything from scratch. Don't ask, it doesn't help.... All it shows is that you have an interest in this, and wish I could hurry up. And so do I.



Indev1.1Year1 Does not resolve the transparency issues.
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