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    Don't all languages have slang? I think people are just using more slang words instead of the actual word, in my opinion I don't really mind if it's on the internet. But I would defiantly hate it for someone to write using slang words or abbreviations on a piece of paper or while talking to me. Again I wouldn't like it if someone was constantly using slang words/abbreviations in a serious conversation with me online or not. As long as people know how to use the actual english language properly, I don't really care if they use abbreviations on the internet. I actually hate it more when they make hundreds of mistakes and put spaces in between fullstops. And for swearing I don't really care, if it's just with friends and it wouldn't bother anyone else, I wouldn't care, but if it's in a public area with lots of others, I'd find it rude. Or same goes in front of my parents.
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