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    Episode 10: Final round

    Chapter 1:

    Ash and Black Jacks friends were standing outside the Team Missile base. Each of them had their hands on top of each others, praying in their hearts and minds that Black Jack and Ash would beat Mane to free Johns family and the pokemon.

    Back at the battlefield inside the base, Black Jacks Metagross was on the field, so was Ashs Snorlax. Mane had only one pokemon left on the field, the most rare and powerful pokemon of all Mewtwo.

    Mewtwos clenched paws were shaking and he was sweating with a lot of pressure. Black Jack and Ash noticed and realised that Mewtwo was trying to fight off the power of the microchip that was attached somewhere on his body.

    Dont worry, Mewtwo, Black Jack thought. Well help you out.

    Snorlax, return! Ash cried holding out a pokeball.

    After Snorlax returned back to his pokeball, Ash took out another pokeball and tossed it out. Tauros! I choose you!

    Tauros popped out of his pokeball and yelled out his battle cry. Black Jack looked at Tauros and wondered if he was strong enough to take down Mewtwo. Tauros may be a strong pokemon, he thought. But it would take more than him to take down Mewtwo. I just hope Ash knows that but at least wed be able to weaken him first.

    Ash met Mewtwo on two occasions. The first time Ash met Mewtwo, Mewtwo had the power to destroy the entire world but Ash made him saw the error of his ways when he sacrificed himself to stop him and Mew fighting.

    The second time Ash met Mewtwo, he promised to help him protect his clones from Giovanni. In the process, Mewtwo saved Pikachu from danger and Ash saved him in return. At the end of that event, Mewtwo was grateful for Ash saving his life and saw that he also lived in this world.

    Black Jack also met Mewtwo on two occasions but at different times. When he was a Team Rocket grunt, he met Mewtwo in some kind of armour. They had a little conversation about their former boss, Giovanni and his thoughts about Pokemon. Black Jack had a strong feeling inside him that Pokemon shouldnt be slaves to humans.

    The second time that Black Jack met Mewtwo, he challenged him into a pokemon battle with a bit of a twist. If either trainer ran out of pokemon, they would have to participate in the battle as well. In the process, they both got engaged in a fight to see who was the strongest out of both of them. After a hard and vicious battle, the contest ended in a draw. After some rest, they found out they had to defend themselves against a group of people in black clothing. The group was defeated, but being cautious, Mewtwo and Black Jack decided to part ways.

    Black Jack remembered that event and had a suspicion that the people in black were Manes henchmen, it became clear to him that they were since Mane finally caught Mewtwo.

    Metagross! he cried. Hyper Beam attack!

    Metagross shot out two huge beams out of his eyes.

    Mewtwo! Mane yelled. Mirror Coat!

    Mewtwo struggled to not to use the attack but to no avail as he raised his arm to deflect Metagross attack. The attack bounced and the beams became stronger and faster as they came zooming not only at Metagross, but also at Tauros. They couldnt react in time as the attack caused an explosion upon impact, knocking them out!

    Metagross! Black Jack cried.
    Tauros! Ash cried.
    Pika! Pikachu cried.
    No! Mewtwo cried in thought.

    Metagross and Tauros fell hard on the floor and their trainers called them back. Mane laughed at them both.

    Whats the matter? Mane said confidently. Is Mewtwo too powerful for you? Perhaps I could let you go easy and you two can be laughing stocks for the rest of your lives.
    The only laughing stock around here is you, Mane, Ash replied. Youre battling with technology not skill and youve disrespected the pokemon youve caught. And those two problems will block your way to winning.
    Ashy boy, your softness and compassion for pokemon are your problems to winning and Black Jacks overconfidence and frustration will be his downfall.
    Maybe in the end, novice, Black Jack replied. But not on this occasion.

    Black Jack took out another pokeball. My fifth one, he thought as he tossed it out. Tyranitar! Go!

    Tyranitar popped out of his pokeball and let out a loud roar. Lets go, Pikachu! Ash yelled. Pikachu jumped to the field, ready to battle.

    Im afraid that you two need more than strength and speed to survive this round, you two, Mane said.
    How right you are! Ash replied. Pikachu! Thunderbolt attack!

    Pikachu leapt into the air as he charged himself up, he then let out a loud battle cry as he released his attack at Mewtwo.

    Mewtwo struggled again to not block the attack but to no avail as he slowly raised his arm up to deflect Pikachus attack. Pikachu knew that the same trick wouldnt work twice as he dodged out of the way.

    Tyranitar! Dynamic Punch attack! Black Jack yelled.

    Tyranitar ran like a speeding bullet and punched Mewtwo in the face, sending him flying until he fell hard on the ground. Mewtwo struggled not to get up but the microchip attached to him made him do so.

    Tyranitar! Black Jack yelled.
    Pikachu! Ash yelled.
    Tackle attack! they both yelled together.

    Tyranitar and Pikachu ran at Mewtwo and tackled him, sending him flying again. Mewtwo smiled at Black Jack and Ashs understanding about his suffering, working for Mane, and smiled at the fact that he was going to be free soon.

    But the microchip started to act up again and that made Mewtwo retaliate to shoot out a fireball at the opposing pokemon, but they barely dodged the attack.

    Were not going let them get away with that! Mane yelled. Mewtwo! Hyper Beam!

    Mewtwo shot out his Hyper Beam attack at Tyranitar. But he moved out of the way, it was then that the attack was coming for Ash!

    Ketchum! Black Jack yelled. Move out of the way!

    But Ashs eyes widened as he saw the attack coming but his body was not able to move because of his shock, thus getting hit from the blast, causing an explosion upon impact!

    Ketchum! Black Jack cried.
    Pikapi! Pikachu cried.
    Tar! Tyranitar cried.
    What have I done? Mewtwo said, who was also shocked.

    As the dust cleared, Ash stood like a normal person would. But then he fell to his knees and then on his front.

    Outside the base, all of Ash and Black Jacks friends felt a shocking feeling inside their hearts.

    No! Brock said worryingly. Somethings happened to Ash!
    He cant be Delia said.
    Please Misty whispered in a sad tone. Please be okay, Ash

    Back at the battle, Black Jack, Tyranitar and Pikachu ran over to the motionless Ash. Black Jack checked Ashs pulse.

    I cant feel anything he whispered. He cant be
    Pikapi Pikachu whispered sadly.

    Pikachu charged up his powers to use Thundershock attack to wake Ash up, but to no avail. He tried again, but again no reaction. No matter how many attempts he tried to wake Ash up, it was no use. After realising that, tears dropped from his eyes. Pikapi he sobbed.

    Black Jack noticed that Ashs pokeballs attached to his belt shaking about and knew what the pokemon felt. Stay in there, Black Jack whispered. Ill take care of this. Upon saying that, the pokeballs stopped shaking.

    He then clenched his fists. Why? he whispered angrily. Why is this happening again? First, my family now Ketchum
    Get over it, Mane said. If the boy isnt strong enough to withstand an attack, then he shouldnt be a pokemon trainer in the first place.

    Mewtwos eyes narrowed as his eyes looked back on Mane. As much as he wanted get his paws on Mane, there was no way he could unless he was commanded to because of the microchip that was attached to the back of his neck.

    Shut your mouth! Black Jack yelled as he got up. You have the age of a man, but Ketchum is twice the man youll ever be!
    Pika! Pikachu cried angrily as he leapt back into the battlefield.
    Black Jack, youre rival means so much to you, doesnt he? Mane asked in a sarcastic caring tone. I am touched by your devotion
    I told you to shut it! You made Mewtwo hit Ketchum with that attack on purpose, just so you could beat me one-on-one! But youll lose either way because I show no mercy to any pompous creeps like you!
    Hmhm I also admire your determination, Mr. Black Jack. Very well, let the game continue.

    Tyranitar! Black Jack yelled as he took out his pokeball. Return!

    Tyranitar returned back into his pokeball and Black Jack took out another pokeball. Blaziken! he yelled as he tossed it out. Go for it!

    Blaziken popped out of his pokeball and safely landed on his feet. He got into his fighting stance as he prepared for battle.

    A Fighting type battling a Psychic type? Mane asked. Surely, you must be more stupid than I thought.
    I said shut it, Mane! Black Jack yelled.

    Blazikens eyes widened as he remembered an old enemy of his mentioning that name.


    Tomorrow, Mr. Mane, I shall have that school, and I have a lot to thank you for.

    Infuriated of what he heard, Blaziken kicked the door down. Inside the room was a man in a suit on a phone, the man became shocked and immediately hanged up the phone.

    Whos this Mane guy? Black Jack demanded.
    That does not concern you! Who are you? The man in the suit demanded.
    Black Jack! And yours?
    I am Mr. Min. And you have no business in my office without permission or appointment. Get out!
    We dont need any permission or appointment to kick your ***, cos you disrespected that Flaming Fist School by poisoning the teacher!

    -Flashback ended-

    Blazikens eyes narrowed as they burned with anger, passion and heart.

    Mewtwo sensed what Black Jack and the pokemon were feeling at that moment and that made him felt that there was hope.

    Because of the microchip attached to his neck, he had great difficulty struggling to talk into Black Jacks mind secretly without anyone noticing but he managed to do so.

    Black Jack, Mewtwo said. I must speak with you now.
    Mewtwo! Black Jack thought deeply as Mewtwo went into his mind.
    Ill get straight to the plan, I feel that this cursed microchip is acting up, trying to stop me using my psychic powers to talk to you.
    Let me guess. The microchips the weak spot isnt it?
    Yes. Whatever attack you use, you must aim for the microchip on the back of my neck. That way, Mane will lose control of my mind, body and

    Before Mewtwo could say another word, he felt a shocking pain in his mind, which was pulling him away out of Black Jacks mind.

    Please! Mewtwo said as he struggled. You must defeat me and Mane no matter what!

    With that, he disappeared out of Black Jacks mind.

    Black Jacks eyes narrowed as he faced, possibly, his strongest opponent. He then looked down on the determined Pikachu. Pikachu, he said. I have three words to ask you are you ready?
    Pikachu! Pikachu cried in reply.
    Good. Cos Ketchum is counting on you.
    Pika pika!

    Black Jack looked at Blaziken. Blaziken, he said. The Poison Fist School are the ones that have murdered sensei Wong, but we both now know that Mane was also involved in it. Now its time to get your revenge!

    Blaziken clenched his paws in response. Blazi!

    Blaziken and Pikachu! Black Jack yelled. Attack Mewtwo together!
    Mewtwo, Mane said. Send them airborne with the power of your psychic attack!

    Flames engulfed on Blazikens paws while Pikachus charged up his electric powers. Both of them charged at Mewtwo while Mewtwos aura surrounded him as he charged up his powers and charged directly at them
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