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Originally Posted by Rainbow_Gray View Post
So I'm a new user (big surprise, right? xD) and I'm feeling a little shy about posting anywhere, but that's just how I am so no big deal, but I have to post somewhere, right, 'cause if not people would start to think I'm a lurker which I kinda am but that isn't what this is really about though it kinda is but I think I'm getting off topic here. Honestly, I don't usually post run on sentences but that's how I talk and sometimes I just get kinda hyper and it just happens, you know? But anyway, I'm Gray and I can't wait to make you my friend x3
Hello Gray, welcome to the wonderful PC. You can call me Mid (MidnightShine), 'K? Just like Rainbow Arcanine said (LOL the two of you have pretty same usernames), don't be shy. Keep on posting & rank up that post count number.

I'm a friendly person BTW. You need a chatty, fun friend? VM me at my page if you wanna chat & a send me a friend request, will ya? (I'll send you one anyways xD)

FYI, pleased to meet you. Don't for get to read the rules & please contact a staff member with a bold/colored username if you have a problem here at PC.


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