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    In the earlier days of '04-'06 or so ROBLOX was a rather decent idea and one that I personally enjoyed. It acted as both a playground and showcase of coding in which young minds could come together and collab something nice. It inspired me to at least try my hand at scripting lua as well, even if I hadn't gotten far it stretched one's creativity. The original Builder's Club was also far more sound, simply being a means of the site having you pay for the bandwith required for you to host extra places.

    The problem lies in the fact that from there the team commercialized the game and Builder's club with more heavy implementing of Robux. With multiple ranks kids would be begging for their parent's credit cards to buy the highest form of Builder's Club for life. The team spent less time coding in new ways to allow players to creatively manipulate the ingame world and spent more time half-assedly creating meshes and models. From there it was soon all about item collection rather than the game itself with events and contests going on year round. While the competition is certainly healthy for site activity the focus was drawn towards getting users to buy items, most of which cost real money. Not only that but there was no chance of users being able to submit such items.

    Over the past three years or so large amounts of "gear" and "hats" have been released into the online avatar store and the value of any capital not added to an account via real world funds is greatly depreciated to the point of near worthlessness. This drove away much of the original userbase, such as Uberubert, one of the best coders on the site at the time, due to the team's priorities being upon milking money from the young and growing audience rather than ensuring that previously made LUA codes stay intact during an update.

    Overall ROBLOX is somewhat in shambles but far from dying as they will likely continue to profit for as long as there exists a nine-year-old more interested in an "Epix Bloxxing Ninja Guitar of The Heavens" than he is of modeling, skinning and coding one himself, which is to say, indefinitely. It in itself is basically a great idea with a premise quite childish which was unfortunately pressed upon the wrong audience age group and left in the wrong hands. While I can dislike and protest their course of actions as much as I please there's no denial that they are now, and will for a good while shall continue to make money whilst there's no need to upgrade their forum system or code in a means of sophisticated ingame communication.
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