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    Alright, sorry for the delayed update -- just wrecked Sudowoodo and I'm on my way to Ecruteak. Here's my tiny team thus far (I can't post images yet, booo):

    Leafy the Bayleef, lv. 24 ♀
    Naive nature (didn't want to reset for a better one)
    Reflect / Synthesis / Razor Leaf / Magical Leaf

    Moon the Flaffy, lv. 24 ♀
    Mild Nature
    No moves worth mentioning besides Thundershock

    I am planning to catch a fire-type pretty quick here. I wanted to use Togekiss for Fly but I forgot to check my Togepi's gender before I saved so I can't use it Going to aim for getting Lapras this week for my surf slave/ice-type, and I think I'll train up an Espeon soon as well. Nothing too difficult so far, managed to down Whitney without any trouble whatsoever (aside from pulling my hair out due to Milk Drink) and I've only whited out once... I don't want to talk about it.
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