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If there's anyone who can actually translate Japanese that would be cool, haha. I can read Hiragana, but, can't translate it. Katakana is really easy though, but, this is all Hiragana. It's the Old Man's dialogue as he's passed out from being drunk. I'm trying to find out what it says exactly so I have an accurate translation rather than the coffee excuse from the usual English Kanto games.

うい–っ! ひっく... まちやがれ
わしの はなしを きけ!

... こら!
いくな! と いっとろ–が!

Uiiii! Hikku... Machiyagare
Washi no hanashi wo kike!

Ikuna! To ittorouga!


So, since the word 'washi' is in there it has to do with an eagle.
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