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Notes: Hey, guys, sorry for the delay, but Chapter 5 is ready!

Thanks to Haruka of Hoenn for proofreading the chapter!

This installment is rated PG-13 for language, violence, and lots of Chuck Norris-style moves. Also, Red drops an F-bomb here.


Chapter 5

Bartles Estate, 8:40 AM

The two vehicles headed down the long winding driveway, past manicured lawns and elaborate stone statues and toward the front gates of the estate. But they would not make it out. A now familiar Buick station wagon, a bit worse for wear, screeched to a stop in front of them, its massive blue form taking up the entire width of the gate opening. Both cars stopped short of the entrance.

Four girls stepped out of the wagon. “Well, girls, looks like our wait is over. Look who finally tried to make a run for it,” Lisa said to her companions. Turning to the stopped cars, she called out, “Tobias Bartles and Red Bartles! We have warrants for the arrest of both of you! Step out of your vehicles with your hands where we can see them!”

The four men exited their vehicles, each of them armed with tire irons. Each of the two parties approached each other and assumed fighting stances.

Lisa smirked. “Looks like we don’t even have to ask these guys – they clearly want to do things the hard way.”

“Perfect,” sneered the man in the business suit. “One for each of us to play with.”

Red pointed at Leaf. Using his mechanical voice box, he said, “That bitch is mine.”

“And Northwood is mine,” added his father. “Tripp! Mercer! Take out the other two!”

The men advanced toward the girls. Tobias lurched toward Lisa, laughing menacingly. “I’ve waited a long time for this, bitch. Your father cost me some very lucrative contracts, and now you’re trying to shut me down for good. I’ll take great pleasure in beating your head in.”

“Oh, really?” Lisa taunted as her adversary began to swing his weapon at her. She quickly ducked under the attack and countered by kicking the man in the groin. The impact of dress shoe against tender area caused Tobias to scream out in pain as he dropped his weapon. Lisa followed up with a kick to the side of the head.

Meanwhile, Red and Leaf were circling, eyeing each other closely. “It was you. I know it was you. You were the one who called to report my meth lab to the feds. Time to die,” came the monotone voice of Red’s machine.

Leaf retorted, “And you were the one who used Daddy’s money to buy you what you couldn’t earn. A poser like you has no right to call himself, ‘Champion.’ Time to face the facts.”

“This is for hurting and insulting Pikachu! How dare you do that, *****!” came Red’s response as he raised his weapon high. Leaf responded by delivering a kick to Red’s midsection, knocking the boy to the ground. He was quick to get up, but his ball cap had fallen off, revealing a tangled mess of unkempt black hair.

“Hah. I see your fighting skills are no better than your so-called ‘buddy.’ Maybe you should consider making new friends.” Leaf smiled tauntingly as she motioned for Red to come after her.

“Fuck you! Die!” Red’s machine replied as the kid began charging toward his opponent. Leaf performed a quick sidestep at the last second, countering with an elbow jab to Red’s backside, again knocking him down. Red was quick to his feet, but Leaf was ready with a knee to the jaw, violently jerking his head backward.

Mercer put his arm around Shannon’s neck in a headlock, but the wily black-haired girl jabbed him in the stomach with her elbow. In pain, he loosened his grip enough for her to break free. She followed up with a mean right hook to the face. Tripp had knocked Alexis to the ground, but as he moved in for another blow, she slipped out of his reach and jabbed her foot into his midsection.

Nearby, Lisa and the boy’s father stared each other down. “Die, bitch!” Tobias pulled out a .38 and began shooting off rounds at Lisa. The girl jumped, ducked, and spun around to dodge the bullets before taking out her own .40 pistol. Taking cover behind the Mercedes, she returned fire. The CEO ducked behind his roadster and continued shooting. Windows on both cars splintered into spiderwebs, then shattered entirely as the metal bodies of both became riddled with bullet holes. As the man prepared to fire again, Lisa quickly got off a shot aimed at his hand, dislodging the weapon.

Before he could get a chance to recover the revolver, Lisa sprinted toward the still-reeling man, knocking Tobias to the ground with a spinning roundhouse kick. Clutching his face and screaming loudly, the man struggled to his feet. Lisa punched him in the head, keeping him down.

Alexis and Shannon were making quick work of the hired thugs. Though they were still on their feet, a constant onslaught of blows had left them staggering and unsteady.

“Dammit, this is impossible!”

“How are we being beaten by a bunch of GIRLS?”

“It’s because you picked the wrong girls to mess with,” answered Shannon.

Alexis added, “And we girls are gonna give you a nice little lesson in pain!” With that, both girls simultaneously landed roundhouse kicks to the heads of the men, knocking them out cold.

The two girls high-fived each other. “Awesome work, girl! These guys are done for! We make a great team, right?”

“Yeah, but it looks like Lisa and her friend are still dealing with the ringleaders.”

Rising to his feet, Tobias ripped the right side outside mirror off the Mercedes and heaved it at Lisa. The girl dodged the projectile and it instead placed a huge dent in the door of the red sports car.

“Shit! That’s gonna cost a fortune to fix!”

“I think that’s gonna be the least of your concerns,” Lisa sneered, smiling tauntingly at the older man. “Especially where you’re gonna be going.”

“Your ass is mine!” Tobias reacted with rage, charging headlong at Lisa. The girl blocked his punch with her right hand, and followed up by jabbing her pantyhose-covered knee into his stomach.

On the other side of the car, another brawl was still raging. Pulling out a knife, Red charged at Leaf. The girl took off her hat and tossed it at the boy. It missed Red himself, but did strike the knife, cleanly cutting the blade off. Throwing down the handle of the destroyed weapon, Red continued running in toward his rival. Leaf ducked under his initial punch and grabbed his mass of hair. With her foe unable to escape her grip, she spun around and threw him headfirst into a tree. The deafening impact busted Red’s forehead wide open and knocked him unconscious as his bloodied, motionless body recoiled from the hit and fell to the ground.

Leaf smirked. “Consider the trash officially taken out.”

Lisa answered, “Well, almost. This guy’s got surprising resilience.”

Despite being bruised all over his face, Tobias was not giving up the fight. He got off a clean punch to Lisa’s face, knocking her to the ground. Seeing his advantage, he grabbed the girl and made his way to the black Mercedes. Lisa attempted to break free by biting and clawing at her assailant, but the man’s grip remained strong.

“You better let me go!”

“After all the shit you put me through, do you really think I’m gonna do something that stupid?” The man laughed as he maneuvered toward the rear of the black sedan, the girl still in tow.

This ain’t good… if he gets me in that trunk, I’m done for!” In a last-ditch attempt to free herself, Lisa jabbed her elbow into the man’s ribs. But the move seemingly did nothing.

“Nice try, *****, but it’s gonna take more than that.” Tobias slugged the girl in the head. But in doing so he had loosened his grip. This gave Lisa the perfect opportunity to kick her attacker in the shin and make her escape. Running around to the front of the red Lamborghini, Lisa stuck out her tongue at the man.

“Catch me if you can!”

Letting out an angry roar, Tobias charged at the girl full speed while Lisa simply stood in place and smirked.


Timing her actions perfectly, Lisa delivered one final, devastating roundhouse kick to Tobias’ head, sending him airborne before he crashed through the windshield of his own car. The ear-piercing sound of shattering glass soon gave way to pained moans as the businessman lay helpless. “Tobias Peter Bartles, you are hereby placed under arrest for conspiracy. You have the right to remain silent…” The man simply remained motionless, surrounded by the remains of what was once his pride and joy.

Red was finally regaining consciousness. Leaf stood over him, smirking.

“Red, you are also under arrest for conspiracy and drug manufacturing. Consider your days as ‘Champion’ officially over.”

With everyone dealt with, the three girls joined Lisa at the front of the ruined sports car. Lisa looked over the wreckage, smiling as she dusted off her dress. “You know, I never understood the appeal of these types of cars. I mean, the inside is just so small and cramped. There isn’t even a rear seat in this thing. Or a trunk, as far as I can see. And those seats do not look like they’d be nice and soft and plush. And as we’ve seen, it certainly can’t survive a middle-aged man crashing through the windshield.”

Leaf answered, “Well, I don’t know that the wagon would’ve survived that sort of impact either… besides, it’s taken quite a beating itself.”

“Yeah, yeah, I know!” said Lisa. “Still, the technicians at headquarters will get her back as good as new in no time! And the best news is…” The girl winked and smiled at her partners.

“Well, what is it?” asked Alexis.

“Yeah, tell us, Lisa!” added Shannon.

Lisa examined her clothes and legs and smiled. “My outfit survived this entire ordeal! Even my pantyhose, which almost never survive a melee, much less a whole bunch of them!”

The quartet laughed. “Well girls, here’s to another successful mission!”

Pokémon League Investigation Unit, Celadon Branch, 5:01 PM

“Excellent work, agents,” said Lorelei as she faced Lisa, Leaf, Alexis, and Shannon. “Both father and son are now in custody, and we now have Sabrina willing to testify in addition to Dirk Turner. As well as many of the conspirators – McCollum’s men turned on him, then he, along with the helicopter assailants turned on Tripp and Mercer, and they in turn agreed to testify against Red and Tobias. It still amazes me how quickly the dominoes fall once you get the leaders in custody.

“Additionally, Agents Breen and Trask in our computer forensics department are working to recover the deleted data from Bartles’ computer… they are very confident they can recover the data, despite Bartles’ best efforts to wipe the hard drive.”

“What sort of data are you looking for?” asked Leaf.

“Anything pertaining to the incident – records of their plot to replace you, anything on the alleged hit on Dennis Franklin, but most importantly, people in the League who accepted bribes from Bartles and OTP to let their crimes go unchecked. I also suspect bribes were involved in broadcasting those brainwashing waves, since most of the media in Kanto and Johto is controlled by the League. Only a couple of news stations aren’t.”

“Think the current Elite Four are in on it?”

“I doubt it. I served for years with Lance and Bruno, and, with all due respect, their area of expertise is not governmental affairs or running a region. Their position involves primarily training only, although Lance does help out with League investigations from time to time. And they appear to be victims of the brainwashing; even Elite Four Will was convinced of Red being the former Champion despite being a Psychic-type specialist. In fact, it probably amazes me more that Sabrina wasn’t affected. In any event, it is a League Senate Council that handles governing the region and day to day operations. I’m willing to bet that people within that council were the ones taking bribes and letting Bartles reign unchecked.”

“I see. Then I probably shouldn’t harbor a grudge against Lance and them. They probably had no idea what was going on.”

Lorelei pushed the glasses up on her face. “Yes, though if I find different from these computer records, I’ll let you know. Now, agents, even though we have the principal perpetrators in custody, like I said more arrests are pending. I’m going to have the four of you stay in Celadon until further notice, and Miss Purvis will remain a deputized agent until then. I’ll set up 00158 and 00236 in the same hotel where 00479 and Miss Purvis are currently staying. 00479, which hotel is it?”

“The Quality Suites in Celadon,” Lisa replied.

“As I expected from 00479. All right, once again, excellent work. I’ll have you return to the hotel for some well deserved rest. But I do need to ask Miss Purvis something important, so why don’t you three head back and I’ll drop her off once we’re done. I don’t think it’ll take long.”

“Yes, ma’am.”

As the other three girls left, Leaf looked on, a bit nervous. “What did you need to talk with me about?”

“Now that the truth has been uncovered, there is bound to be chaos with the public realizing that Red’s no longer the Champion and that they’ve been fed lies for the past four years. Some might even be angry at you for upsetting the status quo. Knowing this, I have an important question for you: Would you want to be reinstated as Champion of the Indigo League? The International League could very easily re-appoint you into that position if you wish.”

Leaf sighed. “You know, I really doubt it. I mean, first of all, I really don’t want my name associated with a League whose behind-the-scenes officials are so corrupt as to pull a stunt like this because of a bribe. I simply don’t trust them anymore. And then there’s my Pokémon. I’d like to give them the chance to rest… I have been pushing them pretty hard over the past few years. I’m sure they’d appreciate that far more than having to battle challenger after challenger for the title. And of course, I’m ready for a rest, too. Not to mention the fact that I just don’t have the motivation like I used to.”

Lorelei rubbed her chin. “I see… Well, I’m not here to tell you to decide one way or the other. What I can do is reinstate your status as a trainer with eight badges so if you decide at a later date to become Champion again, all you would have to do is defeat the Elite Four and the current Champion. Would this be okay with you?”

“Yes. Right now I don’t anticipate returning, but who knows if that might change in the future. But again, I have to thank you for all your help.”

“Don’t mention it. But don’t forget to thank the agents you worked with… they were the ones who did all the hard stuff. In fact, let’s do that now. Come, I’ll take you back to the hotel.

“Alright, thanks again.”

Quality Suites, Celadon City, Room 159, June 2, 8:51 PM

In the hotel room, the four girls, all in their nightgowns, were watching a news report on the television.

Following the arrests of OTP CEO Tobias Bartles and his son, former League Champion Red Bartles on the 31st, League agents today have arrested several current and former members of the Indigo League Senate Council as well as police officers in several cities in Kanto and Johto. Charges stem from evidence that the officials involved accepted bribes from the elder Bartles. These bribes were used for a variety of purposes, ranging from allowing OTP to operate Pokémon Centers at unacceptably low standards, to letting the company freely launder money and operate drug dealing operations without police interference. The younger Bartles is alleged to have been the manufacturer of the drugs, operating in a clandestine, makeshift lab located within Mount Silver. He was doing this under the guise of being an elite Pokémon Master in solo training. The elder Bartles is also suspected of ordering the assassination of former attorney Dennis Franklin back in January.

One of the most surprising charges against the accused, however, is an elaborate brainwashing scheme utilizing Psychic Pokémon and radio and television broadcasts so Tobias Bartles could establish his son Red as Champion after Red had failed to attain the title with his own skills. The Indigo League controls most of the radio and television outlets in both regions; our News 5 is one of the few TV stations in Kanto not under direct League control and operation.

The news that Red was never the region’s true champion has thrown Johto and Kanto into turmoil, as residents are left wondering what other facts the corrupt regional Indigo League could have fabricated. People are looking for answers, but unfortunately, it is unlikely there will ever be clear answers. Here with me now are Gym Leader Sabrina and Special Agent Lorelei with the international League Investigation Bureau, and formerly of the Kanto Elite Four. Lorelei?

Thank you, Rick. This is a culmination of a four year, on and off investigation into OTP and Red Bartles’ mysterious climb to fame. Whenever the regional League seems to be unable or unwilling to investigate matters, we at the international level are called in. Unfortunately, the uncovering of the truth has caused widespread chaos across the two regions of Kanto and Johto. However, it is also something that needed to be done in order to curb the rampant crime and drug use in the regions, as well as improve the quality of services offered to trainers in the regions – the conditions of the Pokémon Centers and Marts I visited were horrendous. Filthy, infested, falling apart – such poor operating standards should never have been allowed, and yet the regional League accepted bribes to look the other way.

But finally, it needed to be done because due to the greed of the Bartles father and son, a young lady – someone who had rightfully ascended to the position of Champion – had all of that taken away from her. And not only that, but that incident reflected a major betrayal of trust on the part of the regional League. And that is a trust that may never be regained again. Despite this, we at the international League are doing everything in our power to overhaul the Indigo League and replace corrupt members with those who truly care about serving their region and its trainers, so that perhaps someday that trust can be restored. With more on the incident, here is Gym Leader Sabrina. Sabrina?

Indeed, Lorelei. This incident has demonstrated the immense power of Pokémon and the dangers that can happen when they are misused. The powers of the Psychic Pokémon involved, amplified with radio and TV broadcast waves, were able to convince two entire regions that an outright lie was truth; even many other Psychic-type trainers, such as the Elite Four’s Will and assistant trainers in my own Gym, were not able to resist the powers of those psychic waves as I was. Almost as frightening is the fact that the perpetrators were able to command those Pokémon to focus on removing only one aspect of a person’s memory – in this case, those pertaining to the rightful champion. Truly, one lesson that must be learned from this is that the power of Pokémon is not to be underestimated – the abuse of those powers could have devastating results. Back to you, Rick.

Thank you. According to reports, the Gym Leaders, Elite Four, and Champion Lance will not be charged; they were every bit victims of the brainwashing as the rest of the populace, and they are not involved in the day-to-day operations of the region – that task is handled by the League’s Senate Council. It is unknown whether the rightful Champion will want to reclaim her title – she was involved directly in the investigation and told me off camera that she ‘has lost all faith and confidence in Kanto’s Pokémon League.’ We at News 5 will keep you updated on this shocking development that continues to affect the entire region. This is Rick Lansing, signing off.

Lisa picked up the remote and switched off the TV. “Well, girls, I don’t know how much longer we’ll need to be here, but I hope it’s over soon. Things look like they’re getting intense, now with government officials in custody.”

Alexis turned to face Leaf. “So, I take it from what they said on the news, you’re not going to be assuming the position as Champion?”

Leaf shook her head. “No, after all this happened, I just don’t feel like it. And after finding out from Lorelei that Lance wasn’t involved in the conspiracy, I think the Championship will be in good hands with him at the helm – certainly better than it would’ve been with Red. The times I battled Lance, I could tell he had a passion for battling – I could see it in his eyes. I used to have that same kind of passion, but that was back when I was in the spotlight. It’s all gone now… I feel like I want to move on from the whole Pokémon battling scene, and get away from Kanto.”

Shannon asked, “But what about your Pokémon? And where are you thinking of going?”

“Well, I’m reminded of a conversation I had with Lisa a couple years ago, while on vacation in America. I tell you, she loves her home state of South Carolina. She was telling me about all of the beachside resort communities there. And for some reason, they popped into my head as I made my way down from Mount Silver after battling Red. I was thinking it would be nice to retire there. Of course then I discovered his meth lab. But now that we’re done cleaning up that mess, there’s nothing stopping me from finding a nice place along the Carolina coast to buy and move into.

“And don’t worry a thing about my Pokémon – I’m quite sure they’ll be perfectly content just hanging around the house and relaxing. And if they ever feel like a battle, Lisa would be only a four hour drive away!”

“Hey, and we’d be able to get together a lot more often that way! As long as neither of us are busy…”

“And if my Pokémon want a battle, I know Lisa’s Pokémon will give them a good one!”

“Yeah, I actually do have my Pokémon on me right now. I totally forgot because we didn’t have to use any of them during the investigation.”

Alexis added, “But that seems to be the general trend of things in our field. Criminals are beginning to rely less on Pokémon battles and more on weapons. So we’ve had to follow suit… our training is much less focused on Pokémon than it was, say, three or four years ago.”

“I can see why, though,” said Shannon. “It’s a much quicker and more direct way of doing things. I know I’d much rather quickly rush in and subdue a criminal rather than engage them in a lengthy, drawn out Pokémon battle. And it keeps our Pokémon out of harm’s way.”

Leaf rubbed her chin. “Seems things are a whole lot different than they were back in the days of Team Rocket five years ago. That’s what probably enabled my eleven-year-old self to take them down back then… if they had guns, I wouldn’t have stood a chance back then.”

Lisa said, “Indeed. It was the same with the Brotherhood that I dealt with during my journey… they used guns here and there, but most of my skirmishes with them were Pokémon battles. And ultimately, that was how I was able to defeat them. Any criminal enterprise that doesn’t use modern weapons is just begging to be brought down by some kid who just happens to be adept at training, much like our younger selves. And many of them are now realizing that. Our driving, martial arts, and firearm training programs are actually fairly new – to combat the increasing number of groups who have gotten wise to the fact that they can’t use Pokémon alone to fight.

“In fact, these days, it’s only the crazy, radical cult-like groups, ones usually after some legendary Pokémon and with some ridiculous, unrealistic goal in mind, that still rely on Pokémon for battles. Your serious criminals, like drug kingpins and mafia bosses, know better these days. And with the weird cult groups, usually by the time we respond, said young trainer has already defeated them, saving us a lot of work. But honestly, some of those cult organizations have had some really strange goals. They’re long on ambition, but short on common sense.”

“Well hey, with common sense, some people have it, and some people don’t. And in our line of work, it’s usually the people who don’t that we end up dealing with,” Alexis said.

Shannon added, “Trust us, when you’re in law enforcement for as long as we have been, you see a lot. But you’re always gonna run into things you never thought you’d see.”

Leaf yawned. “Tell me about it. This case alone brought to my attention shady things that I never knew were going on in Kanto back when I was just a naïve young trainer. Oh, man… I know we need to stick around and testify, and this hotel room is pretty nice, but… honestly, I want them to get this trial over with so I can get out of Kanto. Lisa, I’ll be needing your help as I look for a place to live in America. Think you could give me a hand?”

“Of course! I’m always happy to show you around my home state! Where are you thinking of starting your search?”

“Charleston seems like a good place to start. From what I’ve heard, it’s a beautiful city.”

“Awesome! It is a beautiful city. Whenever you’re ready, let me know… I’ll be happy to drive you around town while you look for someplace to buy! Okay, I feel like checking what else is on TV right now…” Lisa turned the TV back on.

Get up to $150,000 in term life insurance for only…

USA Prime Credit. My name Peggy. You have question?

2012 GMC 2500 Heavy Duty Sierras, now for only $279 a month at Bruce Decker’s Buick-GMC Truck…

Fighting evil by moonlight, winning love by daylight, never running from a real fight, she is the one named Sailor Moon!

Lisa set down the remote. “All right, I think I’ve found us something to watch!”

“Awesome! Sailor Moon time!” shouted Shannon. “ I don’t care how many times I see this show, it never gets old!”

Alexis added, “You know, that’s a lot like us, except that we have to fight evil by moonlight AND daylight!”

The girls shared a laugh. “Ain’t that the truth!” said Lisa.

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