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Fourth Generation Games Event/Competition Suggestion Thread

The Fourth Generation Games Event/Competition Suggestion Thread, is here to house any suggestions regarding future competitions or mini-events that could run within this little corner of the community. Use this thread as a mean of putting forth ideas to help the break usual post, reply and discuss routine and add something fresh and exciting to Fourth Generation Games.

In presenting your suggestions please remember:

Your suggestions are just that, suggestions.
Although you might post here, your ideas are not certain to happen.

All suggestions need to relate to the Fourth Generation of games.
That is, competitions or events must have some relation to HGSS or DPPt

Suggestions will be considered and filtered through by myself.
Successful ideas will have their creators receive a private message with further information.

Please do not repeatedly ask if your suggestion was approved.
Don’t let this deter you however, from asking, if you’re curious about if your idea has been approved or not.

Quick Questions about Fourth Generation Games do not belong here.
Questions like “Where do I catch Growlithe?” for example, - belong here.

Happy suggesting! We'd love to hear all your ideas!
If you have any further questions or queries don’t be hesitant to PM the moderator(s) of this board: Curious.

Former moderator of First Generation, Second Generation and Fourth Generation