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    Time or my first update, then.

    Started the game like usual, got my first Pokémon (Cyndaquil), get the egg amd Pokédex at Mr. Pokémons house, fought my rival Mr. Dude (fantastic name, right?) and stuff.
    Then I caught a Sentret and a Pidgey on route 29, got through the routes to Violet City. Beat Falkners and the monks asses, then I continued to route 32 where I caught a Mareep, where I also hatched my Togepi (got a female at the first try, yay). Got through the cave and saved in Azaela Town.


    Name: Magma

    Current Team:

    Dilys / Female Lv. 11
    Serious / Hustle
    Sweet Kiss / Charm
    Extrasesory / Metronome

    Aderyn / Female Lv. 14
    Modest / Tangled Feet
    Tackle / Sand-Attack
    Gust / Quick Attack

    Blodwen / Female Lv. 14
    Bashful / Static
    Tackle / Growl
    ThunderShock / Thunder Wave

    Blaze / Female Lv. 14
    Hasty / Blaze
    Tackle / Leer
    Quick Attack / Ember

    Swift / Female Lv. 9
    Modest / Run Away
    Scratch / Foresight
    Defense Curl / Quick Attack

    Pokémon in The PC:

    Number of calls from Joey: 1
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