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Originally Posted by beanzapper View Post
Hello everyone!

With Black and White 2 coming out soon in the US and Europe, I thought I should find a community this time around.

Here's a little about myself, my name is Justin. I played Pokemon Red, Blue and Yellow back in elementary school. I stopped playing for a while, and completely missed generations 2-4. About a year ago, I saw a co-worker playing Black version - that really brought back memories. So I bought white version and really enjoyed it, especially at work haha.

I've moved since then, and none of my friends are interested in it. Bummer... Good thing there's the internet, and PokeCommunity!

Looking forward to trading and battling with many of you! If you have a 3DS, add 0774-4286-1335 .

Hello Justin, welcome to the beautiful friendly place known as PC.

I see you just started getting back into Pokemon, I didn't play a Pokemon game until the 3rd Gen... so I guess you could call me a late bloomer.

I have been into Pokemon for 13 years, and even at my age I am not considering retiring.

Since you have started playing White, you should come to the Black and White section where loads of B/W discussion goes on.

For all your trading and battling needs, go and check out the Battle Center and Trade Corner. Oh, and the best place to show your friend code is in your signature. That way, everyone can see it.

If you ever need help, just shout me a VM or talk to our friendly staff members.

Have fun and remember to read the rules!

- Hikari10
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