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    I hesitated a bit, but I think I'm gonna try it anyway. I really like this idea and I had a hard time deciding which one to use, maybe I'll do them all one day. Anyway I hope this works out and I can complete this challenge in a reasonable time span, five years is reasonable, isn't it? So, here's my sign up form:

    Username: Buzz Buzz
    Trainer Name: Blue
    Champion: Blue, (Aerodactyl, Exeggutor, Gyarados, Alakazam, Arcanine, Machamp)
    I'm going to use his PWT team in every game, I'm going to try to use the same movesets but that won't be possible in every game so I'll try to stick as close as possible.
    Game(s): Fire Red Omega, Sacred Gold, Expert Emerald, Prestigious Platinum, Blaze Black (I'm going with hacks, I hope that these are ok, if they aren't I'll find something else)
    In Progress

    SR - Venusaur (Leaf Green, Soul Silver), Charizard (Red, Crystal, Emerald, Platinum, Black, X), Blastoise (Blue), Butterfree (Fire Red, Gold), Pidgeot (Fire Red), Raticate (Leaf Green), Arbok (Heart Gold), Raichu (X), Clefable (Fire Red), Dugtrio (Fire Red), Golduck (Fire Red, Ruby), Arcanine (Leaf Green), Poliwrath (Fire Red), Victreebel (Ruby), Golem (Sapphire), Weezing (Blue), Rhyhorn (Emerald), Mr. Mime (X), Pinsir (Red), Vaporeon (Platinum), Omastar (Leaf Green), Zapdos (Red, Silver, Sapphire), Mew (Fire Red, Silver), Typhlosion (Leaf Green), Feraligatr (X), Houndoom (Leaf Green), Suicune (Fire Red), Tyranitar (Leaf Green), Ho-Oh (X), Swampert (Fire Red, Sapphire), Exploud (Diamond), Torkoal (Fire Red), Absol (Leaf Green, Ruby), Kyogre (Fire Red), Infernape (Black), Abomasnow (Black), Chesnaught (X)
    MC - Red (Fire Red, Ruby, Platinum), Yellow (White 2)
    MT - Bug (Fire Red), Grass (Platinum), Normal (X), Rock (Soul Silver), Steel (Platinum)
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