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    The Pokemon emerged from the bush with elegant poise; her red fur stood out from the green of the jungle. Her bright eyes gleamed in the sunlight, as she stared back at the human in front of her. To her, he was just another sucker. Someone else that she can charm into giving her food, or if he doesn't, lead into the depths of the jungle so he becomes lost. It was rare for humans to venture out here, so she might as well have some fun.

    Of course, Eli didn't notice the sly and mischievous look in her eyes. He was already smitten with how adorable she was. It was decided. He simply had to catch her. Her reached into his pocket and grabbed an empty Poke Ball.

    "Dot, use Water Sport." Upon hearing the command, the Azurill began to lightly spray everything with water until everything became damp. The Vulpix was befuddled. Water Sport was a move used in battle, and humans would never send out Pokemon to battle her. This was the first time. She contemplated running away, but decided to battle anyway. Her opponent didn't look very strong.

    The Vulpix spat fire back at Dot. The flames did damage, but because of the Water Sport, the attack was weaker. "Now, use Bubble." Eli ordered the next attack. Dot happily obliged, and blew a couple of bubbles at the Vulpix. They stung as they made contact with the fox, but she acted like they were nothing. She couldn't let herself be bested by a mere Azurill.

    Soon, the fight became a continuous barrage of embers and bubbles. Each Pokemon was whittling away at each other's health. Seeing that she would likely end up losing the battle, the Vulpix decided to make a hasty retreat. It was silly to sacrifice her well-being for her pride. However, Eli would have none of it, and ran after the fleeing Pokemon.

    For the Vulpix, it was a futile escape. She was low on energy from the battle, and Eli had plenty of strength to come running after her quickly. Being exhausted as well as hurt, she was in a worse situation than before. As Eli approached, the Vulpix put on her best pleading face. It was her last ditch effort to save herself.

    Eli felt sorry for the poor creature, and pulled out a bit of Pokemon food from his satchel. "I'm sorry about that. I didn't want to hurt you, but I had to catch you somehow." The Vulpix ate the food out of his hand. Her plan had succeeded. It took more effort than usual, but she managed to sucker the trainer into giving her food.

    Just as she was feeling proud of herself, a strange sensation surrounded her body. It was as if she were turning into pure energy. Before the Vulpix could realize what was happening, she was sealed inside of a Poke Ball. It rocked a couple of times before finally settling down. Eli picked up the Poke Ball and smiled to himself. "Good. Now to heal you up." He let Dot climb onto his shoulder, and made his way to the Pokemon Center.