Thread: FireRed hack: Pokémon Celestium
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    Originally Posted by Pinkish Purple View Post
    The fakemon looks good! Why do you use APS?
    APS is the new way to go!
    No, it's because I extended the ROM when I applied Jpan's engine. LIPS can't handle extended ROMs I think.

    Originally Posted by Ash493 View Post
    That Fakemon looks like Fire/Dragon fusion of Charizard and Dragonite =D
    Come on, it doesn't look like Charizard. You're just saying that because it's orange and has wings. It's actually hard to make it not look like dragonite, dragonite's just like the basic/general look of a dragon :/

    I'm thinking of making one on all four legs to prevent that (mention Salamence..I dare you...).

    Did anyone actually download and play it? Says 33 downloads on mediafire (one of them is me). Everyone else enjoying it? Things you like/don't like? Please feel free to tell me, feed back would be nice.