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Username: Chesu
Competition: #1 - Repose

Description: In the future, Snorlax will toss out the Leftovers, start an all-natural berry diet,
and finally make good on twenty years worth of "get back in shape" news years resolutions!

Username: Chesu
Competition: #2 - Item

Description: The Cute Stopwatch is a hold item that allows its user to stop time, canceling the
effects of time-based moves like Future Sight and Perish Song. The ears and cheeks are all buttons!

Username: Chesu
Competition: #3 - Accessories

Description: You may not quite describe it as "stealing the limelight", but Glalie's lime green
bowler hat, fake nose, and hot pink rubber tongue certainly attract SOME kind of attention. (quick, someone call security!)

Approved, as always, very nice!

Dragon Tamer

Username:The dragon tamer
Descreption:A virus that affects dragon-type pokemon and especially the Bagon family was made by a Team Galactic researcher.This virus changes the DNA of the pokemon making it an electric type.As a result,a great majority of the bagon family has already been affected.A dragon-flying salamence is a very rare sight now.
Artwork:In the attachments.

Username:The dragon tamer
Description:Every pokemon that holds the Temporal Amulet can travel back and forth in time.For example,a raichu can become a pichu again and a pichu can evolve into a raichu.

Good job, approved!

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