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Emblem Winners

I'd like to give everyone an idea of how we chose our winners. If you notice on your raffle ticket, you may have seen a 3 digit number repeated on your ticket. It appears on the top, left, and right of the ticket. These numbers are meant to assign you into a tier. We had 5 tiers in all, ranging from Tier 0 to Tier 4. These numbers were assigned at the time the entry fee was paid, or at random. From there, we chose one tier, through the use of a random number generator, as the winners. Tier 2 was selected as the winning tier in the raffle. To determine who placed in first, second, or third, we repeated the process with the random number generator picking a number from 0-5, located in the second digit of the raffle numbers.

These are the standings:
1st: 234 (Gonz0)
2nd: 223 (vaporeon7); 201 (XanderO)
3rd: 245 (TwilightBlade); 256 (Miakalina); 212 (xxlarazo)

To remind everyone what the prizes include, here they are again.

Participation Emblem
All participating members will receive this emblem + a randomly chosen shiny Pokémon.

Gold Emblem
One randomly chosen participant will receive all 10 shiny Pokémon prizes + 3 mystery shiny Pokémon in addition to their participation prize.

Silver Emblem
Two randomly chosen participants will receive their choice of 2 of the 10 shiny Pokémon available + 1 mystery shiny Pokémon in addition to their participation prize.
Bronze Emblem
Three randomly chosen participants will receive 1 of 10 shiny Pokémon available of their choice in addition to their participation prize.

Finally, I introduce you to the mystery Pokémon!

#495 Snivy ♂ (level 1)
OT: PCX ♂ (Black, 10/60606)
Timid - Overgrow - 31/31/31/31/31/31
Magical Leaf - Glare - Iron Tail - Twister

#498 Tepig ♂ (level 1)
OT: PCX ♂ (Black, 10/60606)
Brave - Blaze - 31/31/31/31/31/0
Curse - Superpower - Flamethrower - Wild Charge

#501 Oshawott ♂ (level 1)
OT: PCX ♂ (Black, 10/60606)
Quiet - Torrent - 31/31/31/31/31/0
Tackle - Air Slash - Detect - ***

Emblem winners, please notify myself or Team Fail, which prizes you'd like in addition to your regular prize.

Tier 0


Tier 1


Tier 2


Tier 3


Tier 4