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Creed Reese
Oreburgh City

Lucy bumped into Creed, and he bore his teeth with a sadistic smile, almost as if to scare the onlookers, which he noticed there were quite a few of. It was loud, lots of breathing, feet moving across the ground, and hearts beating at various paces. Then he sniffed, and he noticed three of the scents. Wait, three? He couldn't actually put a finger on where he knew the third scent from, but he definitely knew it from somewhere. He walked towards the smell, and started to sniff the person, almost like a dog would sniff someone, but the scent of the person was horribly interrupted by some other natural smell. Coal? Possibly. He swiped from Ryan's hand what was emitting the smell.

"Y'know, on the way to Eterna city I fought a guy who used explosives. It made sense, after all, he wasn't skillful enough with a knife to defeat me, or really, any combat Pokeuser," Creed said, looking at the grenade and turning it in his hand. "It's a little unfair if we use such tools; knives, swords, guns, and grenades...that's just overkill. We get an unfair advantage." He took one of his nails and pierced the bomb, allowing the elements to spill out and powder away. "After all, even with those they don't stand a chance. This isn't right."
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