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Kale and Clare
"Hey Clare lets go to the beach!" They had just finished listening and had walked away, "I hear the water is perfect!"

"Dude we have work to do, anyways we will be down there for the party later, I signed us up to play a few songs." Clare walked slowly, she wasn't in a hurry and wanted to get to the city. "Anyways Summers we need more gigs, there's no way 200$ is going to last for us."

"True, why don't we get a student business thing?" Clare shook her head, Kale understood that neither of them could run a business, "Maybe we could join someone else's?"

"Yeah I think we could, why don't we ask at the beach party later." Clare adjusted her
guitar case.

"What songs are we playing anyways? Also shouldn't we do a mission?"

"Doing a mission can wait till tomorrow. Anyways we are doing three: Race Track, Fate Thread, and Loud Speaker."

"All rock songs? Cool I'll set up our amps and tune our guitars." Kale took both of their guitars to their assigned dorm and Clare looked around.
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