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    Originally Posted by godlesplay View Post
    can you tell how far is beta 1 ?
    Umm, I can't tell you based on gyms because you don't really do all of the ones your encounter. I'd say 3.5 hours with speed button.

    Originally Posted by Cabe View Post
    This took me by surprise but i have already downloaded it and played it Luckily, this time I could go past route 8 and got to the end.

    The hack is amazing and it's nice to see all the things you polished since last time. Obviously, I got my goldeen and enjoyed kicking asses lol. And that fall's script was just delicious!
    All thanks to your testing <3

    Originally Posted by miksy91 View Post
    I played it for 5-10 minutes and can say that this hack seems interesting...
    I didn't expect any less from you though so it wasn't surprising to see how it started out. Anyway, I'll continue and see if there is something more worthy of posting. This far, looking good!

    Oh and by the way, there were a couple of bugs in the beginning of the hack. Some sentences were missing dots and when the backyard of the lab is entered, Morris says something to you but you won't be able to read the text because you're "warped" out of the room right away.

    Looks like you didn't test it throughly before releasing beta 1 did you? Anyway there are also some other minor oddities which could be easily fixed but other than that, you've done good job on it.
    The only oddities I was aware of were mentioned

    When you enter the backyard area he says:
    Elder: So are you\nimpressed?\pThis place was built to simulate\neverything that would be present\lin the natural world,\lapart from trainers and\lwild Pok\emon of course.\pShall we press on?

    Before leaving he says:
    Elder: Our business\nhere is done,\llets go back to the lab.

    None of which are cut off in-game

    Anyways, thanks for the compliments. Maybe a screenshot will show what you mean?

    Originally Posted by jellicentfan1 View Post
    I will download today! Quick question: how far does it go?
    3.5 hours of gameplay with speed button is what I'd say it is.
    If you find any bugs or oddities please let me know!