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    Chikyu and Kazan

    Chikyu stood up, as did Kazan. The young girl sighed. "We should see our rooms." Kazan simply nodded. "We can start our first mission tomorrow."

    In the rooms, Chikyu flopped onto her bed. "You can have that one over there." Kazan sat on his bed. A small void appeared then. A imp-like humanoid creature jumped out. "Master sent me with this letter!" Kazan took the paper in the creature's hand and read it out loud.

    Dearest children,

    The studio is complete. I can guess it is too late for you to start a mission, so after you finish or take a break tomorrow, ask if you can come visit.

    Also, we do need other workers. Please ask any students you befriend if they do not own a buisness theirself.

    Sincerely, Yamino

    Kazan and Chikyu both smiled. "Thanks, Dosen. Go tell father that we will do what we can, and will try to find assistants." Dosen saluted. "Yes!" The imp then hoped back into the void, which vanished.

    Chikyu beamed. "I can't wait to see it!" Kazan softly smiled. "Let's head back to the beach and wait for the party." Chikyu nodded as they walked back to the beach and continued to watch the waves frolic in the ocean.
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