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    Originally Posted by Rainbow Arcanine View Post
    Fail on my part,thanks Psystar :D! I agree,Giratina's shiny form is amazing and I dearly wish I could encounter one. Gengar's shiny is just a bit darker so it wasn't really special at all...

    Anyway I'll add you sometime later because of things going on today. Your Pokemon nicknames will also be added when I figure out how to xD, because I'm horrible at things like that.

    Yeah,I kind of think ghosts exist now xD. They're probably really rare in the real world,but I'm thinking its normal for people in the Pokemon world.Welcome and have fun here :3!
    Thanks Rainbow!

    I spent almost a week on my Platnium game SRing for a shiny, with absoluetly no luck But in my Diamond I just happen to run into a shiny Gastly... The pokemon games can sometimes be cruel :3
    Gengar's shiny form is just a less saturated version of its normal form. I think it would look cooler if it maybe a dark blue or something.

    Kind of a random thing, but I've always been interested in the Pokemon Yamask. I mean, read it's Pokedex entries:

    From Black: Each of them carries a mask that used to be its face when it was human. Sometimes they look at it and cry.

    From White: These Pokémon arose from the spirits of people interred in graves in past ages. Each retains memories of its former life.

    Is it suggesting that Yamask were once human? If so, then how and why did they become Pokemon? Could it actually be possible for humans to become Pokemon??? OoO

    Maybe this could become a topic here...
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